Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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saw the vid???

yes i am injured.. i am ok but need to go to the dentist this Friday.. also got something special on Friday.. for me.. maybe it is true Friday is the day of rahmat by Allah.. many great things will happen this Friday insya-Allah..

well.. yesterday Monday... i have go to and fix my glasses n yes it is broken.. i know it cant be fixed but i dont know la..

so went to 2 of these glasses shops beside each other.. i go there after paying my bills n also after sending my mom to the mosque..

at the glasses shop both have like some offer.. so i went to one shop 1st.. somehow the name was fancy (of course i cant tell the name).. so i entered.. somehow the person was speaking to me in an english accent.. trust me.. not like himself.. hi entered n asked politely about the glasses, well 1st to fix it.. he said he cant.. n then i asked can find a glasses compatible with my lenses.. he said "well better u buy new one... " or a polite way of saying "i wont look for a replacement frame for ur lenses,"

anyway i asked for the price.. it was WAY OVER BUDGET !!! so failed..

when to the next shop.. true me.. those arrival fanatics will say that the shop belongs to the FREEMASON (ish, get a life la, pray n think Allah not think to much about freemason !!!).. btw, i entered.. the lady was polite n nice.. n then i asked about fixing.. she said can but if it breaks then sorry.. then i asked her.. can i buy a new one??

she asked me again "Are u a student?? If u are u will get a discount,"

so why not.. it looks like a good offer.. so i tried many glasses including the overated Oakley (Overated bcoz of an old story of me n some Sri Cempaka bitch).. well dont get me wrong.. i do like oakley but the glasses looks bulky n also not comfortable.. but i was planning to get if it is cheap n good.. n then later the shop lady introduced me to this glasses, looks beautiful n comfortable also it is titanium... also it is discount bcoz i am a student..

the shop recommend me to get another glasses incase it breaks..

so i manage to choose one nice glasses.. also i tried n see the offer, if i choose transition lenses, Alhamdulillah it was a good offer... so i choose it.. finally a new pair..

anyway when i was choosing, the owner of the shop went n fix my glasses n Alhamdulillah it was fixed..

now i got 2 pairs.. i wonder which pair i will use for the baseball training...

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