Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 Ringgit shop ?!

b4 we go on reading lets read this bitch's posting from her secret blog !!

she was angry regarding on the fuel hike that is happening in the world. She is angry that her toilet paper cost her too much !!!!

one thing, why the fuck would u be angry when u are living in Japan, obviously cost of LIVING is HELL EXPENSIVE especially in Japan !!!

one thing that bugs me, does this bitch knows about Daiso ?? or any of this 100 yen shops ???

in Japan it is a big hit for this kind of shops due to it's cheap price...

ok skip about her, and lets go back to topic.. i know one RM5 shop was called Hinode and Hinode only sells souvenirs and female products.. anyway i bought my aroma therapy there bcoz it is cheap n good !!!

1st was 100-Yen shop which was shown by blogger MamaFiza when she when going out with her lovely kids. click here

i found one in a location which was badly located near my place, at Aman Suria... i went there n wow not bad for the stuff there but i was sad with the Miso which was non-Halal bcoz of the Alcohol content...

months or i think years later.. here is where i got to know about Daiso (my fav shop).. I cant remember much the conversation but i know my fren Suraya told me.. that she hangout with NERD n saw Daiso...

i asked her.. WTF is a Daiso ??

then she told me... Aiman !! Daiso the RM5 shop from the Curve...

again i was like... I never know about Daiso k !!

so she told me... everything about it..

bcoz i was curious, i checked out Daiso at the curve !!!

cant remember what i was doing there??

i was shock with all the japanese quality items for RM5 !!!

great eh ?? so i bought this pepper grinder which my sister throw away years back...

anyway Daiso is a shop which sells all this items from kitchen n all for RM5 !! yes !! RM5 !!!

something like kedai RM2 la !! but Japanese products !!!

anyway i tak tau apa nak cite lagi la.. but i love this shop !! so awesome !!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i am confuse

i am confuse.. do u want me to blog in Malay or English ???

Sunday, April 18, 2010

100th post: Video Games Live

sorry for the long posting, need time to write it down !!!

Video Games Live

if u follow my twitter u will see all the things i talked. Sorry if u dont like my twitter bcoz i was annoyed by one girl..

ok, well how to say, i woke up in the morning to go there, but b4 going i have to go and make some photo prints bcoz i have an awesome pic of Tommy also my auntie told me to buy some curry spice. Ok shoppings done, so now i head to the LRT Station. LOL, i just realised i looked like Otacon from Metal Gear Solid !!!!!

Here when he is old

this was how i look like but short hair

as i head there, damn there were to many people.. i manage to protect a phone n write down updates on twitter n download FRing..

ok we entered the LRT n DAMN !!! LRT rosak lak... so wait for another train..

then the long boring journey BEGIN !!!!!! damn it was long n the LRT was slow, i know i was late on my schedule.. also same time protecting this dangerous phone (pinjam tau) at the same time tell my updates via twitter n facebook...

a fren name Izzatie always brags about her F1 so i brag about VGL until she remove me from her twitter

in the end arrived at KLCC, wow super packed n there were many police like some sort of terrorist attack or maybe someone like Prime Minister or Agong was there but actually the policemen were there to control the overcrowded people who visited KLCC for the PC fair... wow uber many people, bcoz it was to many there are special exit n entrance, i wanted to use the stairs but the polis told me this is an exit n the road is close. Wow... to many people in KLCC n luckily the Touch n Go lane was open..

ok, i walked n lunch later, i walked to my destination to see the event n time n everything.. also being in an overcrowded place (seriously even OU is not worst like what i saw).. then went into PC fair n GOSH... many people.. n i went up to see things or stuff going on.. in the end.. i went there saw the souvenir shop of VGL which was OVER-PRICED !!!! i think the CD was tooo overprice compare to others.

Look at the beauty of Allah !!

the souvernir shop which was actually located in a bad location

Ok, i went to lunch after checking things out..

when i check out, i found this Kapershit thingy above.. yes, if u read my twitter u will laugh ur ass off !!!

i said "i still throw but they come back"


bcoz the entrance was crowded n then forced to use the PC fair EXIT !!!

damn it was a nightmare n WARFARE of internet lines !!!!

Digi, Maxis, Streamyx, Amax, P1, Celcom, wow.... it was an intense battlefield.. each of them telling their internet is better.. which i dont think so..

i got pissed at the MAxis guy when he said "hey video youtube laju tau dgn Maxis!!"

Pala hotak dia la !!!! Maxis mmg teruk bcoz i was a previous USER !!! so i know all the HELL I WENT !!!

Amax was more like the Malas type to promote... Digi was more sincere in promoting, Streamyx was like a begger asking to UPGRADE, FYI i have upgraded !!!! n worst after the tmnet guy saw me.. another one came... seolah2 like she didnt saw me.. can say we passed a field or lines or rows of TMnet guys promoting... anyway i dont have UniFi at my area !!

Celcom was... ok they know..

after going out n uses the long exit at KLCC.. this is where things gets a bit awesome..

there was a Venezuela fair.. more like a Cuti2 Venezuela.. man there were to bz n i forgot my spanish so i more on.. n then i saw KFC, it seems there are many people also KFC KLCC doesnt have the Biryani.. ok so i went there to eat until some KFC personel stop me and asked if i was alone n looking for a place to sit ??

He gave me a seat where there are many people.. i sat with some KFC personel telling stories of everything... until i join in and ask regarding on KFC coffee.. well the KFC personal told me that KFC uses Nescafe... so Nescafe = RObusta... sorry i dont drink robusta !! i am more towards an Arabica Addict !!

OK as i walked after Lunch.. seen some Malaysians girls who are obses with their webcam... GOSH kerek sgt.. i dont Amnie was like that !!! seriously she is NOT !!!

ok la.. i entered n bought the merchandise, wow nice t-shirt !!

ok entered la... after waiting n damn i had a bad sore throat n cough at the WRONG TIME !!!! adeh gi toilet nak muntah pun tak leh... entah... i was worried n nasib ada Hacks in my bag...

so as i entered ask la org VGL pasal camera takut2 takleh tangkap pic.. btw this hall is better than the stupid Bukit Jalil Stadium where they put very damn rude RELA people !!!

so the VGL personel said camera can but NO FLASH... ok i set to NO FLASH !! The VGL personal was more friendly and professional !! kudos to them !!

here how the stage looks like !!

So waited la n see some funny anime n stuff.. quite sad sbb ramai tak datang... even it is on PC fair but many didnt even think of going !!!! even the cheapest ticket was not finish..

n then it started with some music of our old classic video games !!!

but b4 it started it was the result of the cosplay !!

sad i was not feeling well, coughing also my sore throat hurts damn bad.. but i try to make myself better !!

after the 1st song finish.. Tommy came in after my ringtone.. opps no i mean the MGS codec sound began.. the came n said "Selamat DATAONG !!" we all LOL n clapped as he tried to speak in Malaysian language !!!

Tommy tells about what happen when he made VGL to Singapura n many Malaysian fans were upset...

after all the stories it then started with many awesome game music... i have admit it was too many and i cant put in order !!

- god of war
- metal gear solid
- legend of zelda
- shadow of collsous
- final fantasy
- Halo
- Mario Brothers
- Chrono Cross

one of the performance

Mr. Tommy Performing

during the break in between there was a small minigame where tommy randomly picks a person n ask to play a game !! awesome stuff !! sad that man didnt manage to finish space invaders in 2 minutes.. also we manage to meet Ralph Baer the father or inventor of the video game on via skype.. he was a nice person n alive.. healthy n tells about how he started it..

the space invader game

Ralph Baer

Ralph Baer on air !!

my fav part was when Halo was the soundtrack, as Tommy said he was going to play HALO, i shouted Beyonce =P

*The HALO that we know is the VIDEO GAME !!!

LOL !!!!! many laugh over that funny humour !!!

the ending was awesome, Chronos Cross was the ending for VGL all the artist came and perform with all their hearts n soul.. after that then wait for all to go out..

then there was an autograph session n hell there were MANY PEOPLE !!

people were there asking to sign on their diaries n all....

i knew from the face of the bodyguards (Malaysians DUH!!) it is impossible to get a nice pic or shot or be with Tommy.. i knew it was impossible.. ok anything just get autographs k !!

in the end, my time was near for the autograph session... ok got all the autographs.. many people were there n we mixed up with the people buying souvenirs.. at the souvenirs shop here i heard many fans said "we got not enough money to buy the CD,".. it shows that the CD was too expensive... i looked at it looks like a Malaysian ripoff (sorry) anyway i dont want waste to buy so better to US n buy bcoz it must be CHEAPER !!!

the autograph session

Mr. Norihiko Hibino was a nice man.. he wanted to shake hands with me.. after i told him to send regards to David Hayter.. his performance was awesome, i love how Mr. Norihiko Hibino plays with his Saxophone... it shows he enjoys music like a true Japanese man would enjoy !!!

then met the awesome lady name Laura Intravia, she was a nice lady. A Zelda fangirl who plays the flute, she loves Malaysia and will come again..

next was Jack Wall.. he was awesome n shocked when i told him about embience symphony seriously VGL is better than embience symphony.. not to say embience symphony sucks but talking about awesome-ness is VGL !!!!

the best moment in my life !!!

last but not least, was Mr. Tommy Tallarico. He was a nice guy and ask me for the show !! i replied with joy i was happy, i told him i was a fan of him from his show called Judgment Day or Reviews on the Run... he was shocked.. n he was like.. "OMG, u printed a picture of me from the Internet???"

our conversation was short bcoz the guards ask me to get out.. n then Mr. Tommy ask me "Do you want a picture together???"

my face shines as Tommy ask me that nice question, so we caught pic together.. i thanked Mr. Tommy with all my heart !!! many fans congrats on me.. for being lucky !!

me and Tommy Tallarico !!

my signed stuff !!

actually i pity all the fans as there were treated badly by the guards.. from real awesome fans !!! the awesome fans should get the same opportunity as mine bcoz Tommy wants to meet all the fans.. not being control by this guards..

my verdict, it is the best event i have ever been !!!

to me it is more like a family event why ?? here is where father and child enjoys video games see the beauty of it.. i can say like.. a father sees what his son plays or a son understand what kind of games his father use to play.. seriously it is a nice event..

trust me, when i get married n have kids.. i will bring them here to watch !!!

also this event is in my wajib LIST !!!

p/s: pics sabar k !!! malas nak upload... dah la java uploader di facebook always buat hal !! also is MORE VIDEO than pics !!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video Games Live Malaysia Promo

Watch my video, if u want a small detail of it !!!!!

if u want to know more to and google video games live !!!

i am going to Video Games Live Malaysia, this 17th at KLCC !!!

after many years of waiting finally it is coming !!! luck me for not wasking money for F1 !!! or i will cry !!! anyway can't wait this saturday !!!

btw yesterday was Cosmonaut n Space Shuttle Day !!

Balik dari vgl

Video games live awesome!!!

Kat lrt ni, nak balik ni n pulangkan something

nmh awesome n malam ni i cite huhu

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tech-kie April month or week

As the topics says, lately there is been something kinda tech-kie...

i dont know how to start but it is kinda funny...

1st we start of with.. all this transfering data from disket to pendrive, yes last time i use disket to keep data... which was stupid but that time pendrive was not out or maybe pricey maybe around RM500 or more ???

then i cant remember, something about Nasa that impresses me to kinda want to work there !! maybe bcoz watching the planets too much !!! hey if cannot NASA, i still got JAXA (JAPAN), ESA, CSNA or errrr Russian Aerospace.. looking at NASA working stats not bad but must be an American.. no worries bcoz i have an American PR.. Siapa tau i will be the next astronaut to go to Space, but of course i will carry my duty not go there n not do teh tarik or play yoyo n gasing..

i can remember on my email, i received an email from my course-coordinator regrading on 2 training courses one sponsored by the government and another one sponsored by college... looks damn tempting, i want to join both bcoz one is free n the paying one.. must find a way !!

later this happens.. the government dont want to sponsor one of the courses so it was kinda dissapointed bcoz that course actually helps the government to built and make more great IT grads, i wonder what's on their head lately ???

the other course was my target course since b4 but the price was too high for me, i dont know what to do.. must think of a way to join this course as the original price is more expensive than that bitch who bought or spend her daily life in Japan !!!

then my young lecturer inform me to join this IT competition so that when i win, i will train n compete in Poland... wow.. good but my timing is not RIGHT !! later she inform me that college is making a new club to collect IT students !!

Then IT club was opened.. n the secrets of microsoft is out !! so i manage to take the advantage that microsoft gave us... dont be surprised if u see my PC has a millions of Lisence Microsoft Products !!

Then my lecturer told me to come morning for the Microsoft Speech !

I was like... WHAT ?? morning.. org nak tidur but then my Oman fren told me to come bcoz we have to study for the test.. then i went i listen i saw YES... all the microsoft stuffs !!!

Project Natal
- Where u dont need a controller n follow ur actions, more virtual reality and more interactive !!! imagine u talk n play with ur family !!! more like real life !!

what impress me was..

BingMaps !!
- maps of real time on 3D !!! beats the crap of google maps !!! got combination of pics in flickr to make into one beautiful real time pic !!!! can even see the universe if u are too bored !!! No wonder Bill Gates became 2nd richest in the world from his old 1st position!!

After a few of their products n Microsoft new marketing strategies.. comes the Q&A part.. here it gets interesting bcoz i am an IT person well more towards Linux n Mac applications n OS.. i asked the Microsoft Person.. regarding on COLLABORATION.. i asked "Since you said Collaboration between IT companies, will there be a possiblity where Microsoft, Apple and Linux collaborate together??"

Bcoz see here, Microsoft has always been making propriety software, Apple makes software different than others n Linux has been like a collecting data n ideas from both sides making them one powerful software and we see none have a make a software for each other to co-operate or collaborate. Do u see a Ms Word software for Linux ??

both sides are not cooperating... anyway the microsoft guy was.. surprised i asked him that, he thought maybe i will ask them regrading on project natal or microsoft software and not the importants of the Computing World??

He answered confidently which i was impress.. he said many are unaware that Microsoft has finally made decision to make some free codes available for process. So it seems microsoft has join the open source party !!! that's a wise move !!

ok that's good, n then he showed off his ZUNE HD and i was honoured to hold n try Zune HD.. awesome SHIT !!!!!!!

entah la.. dah byk tech-kies lately.. nanti i cite k, bye !!! salam !!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

kegagalan demi kegagalan

entah la.. kebelakang ni byk sgt kegagalan telah berlaku keatas diriku...

dari mula tahun 2009 sampai now...

i can cite sikit2 la..

my gf bagi tau.. dia bz nak study for 2 months.. i biarkan dia study.. tak leh paksa dia jgn kan??? sbb hak dia untuk jadi pelajar cemerlang.. tapi masa sama mungkin syaitan ganggu ku... memikir adakah ?? dia akan tinggalkan me.. adakah dia mmg tak puas hati me as a bf???

i sabar je..

college, sekarang sem 2.. things go very fast, n dugaan paling berat is my group assignment team... mereka majority malas n terpaksa la buat assignment dgn sendiri.. n markah ku jatuh sem ni... takut gak untuk dapatkan Dean's List !!! i mmg nak dapatkan... entah apa.. tapi i belajar dari gagal ni n naik balik so tak nak kecewakan lagi !!! mmg susah nak naik tapi i cannot give up so support n pray for me !!!

kwn2.. ada kwn2 ni mempergunakan aku.. ramai gak.. ada yg suruh buat assignment.. ada yg menipu... sedih sgt.. bila mereka minta tolong tgk la.. mereka menangis la.. tolong la.. apa la... mcm2.. lepas tolong kita di tinggalkan mcm tahi...

cakap pasal kwn.. my best fren yg obses dgn gf dia.. entah la sbb dulu dia kwn baik n bila ada gf lupakan kwn je.. byk sgt misteri... misteri yg aneh.. apa2 pun i biarkan dia... tapi i dapat harap dia datang balik kalau ada hal berlaku between dia dgn gf..

another best fren lak.. girl yg dah bertunang.. tak faham la dgn dia.. lately mcm tak nak reply sms or angkat calls.. pastu bagi alasan.. i bukan cari dia.. mmg saya nak kwn dia.. tapi entah la...

apa2 pun... hate this kegagalan... i wonder bila i leh berjaya... u know... stop disturbing people n be on your own world... i rasa lama lagi...


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