Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Adverts

I remembered after i got my results... the TV started to show stupid adverts to marketise they stupid products.. like Pencil or TV or Whatever

I remembered the 17A1 girl who failed in UK n now year 1 in degree was famous in those crappy advert especially Stabilo Pencil n the WORST !! ASTRO !!!

Tell me during her time ASTRO got ?? Tv shows that helps our SPM ??? do they ??

if they do i would be watching it...

i dont believe the nonsence they said that girl was smart bcoz use of that pencil and ASTRO... no logic n dont make sence... bcoz i also used Stabilo also i do watch ASTRO.. anyway stupid advertising..

i prefer advert like this one !!! from Indonesia very nice to show school kids using it.. that crappy oooo i can 17A's bcoz of a Pencil or watch ASTRO.. what a fake !!

talking about Adverts... this is one my fav from US.. b4 the NASCAR race starts

I will do anything just that I will be in Japan

"I will do anything just that I will be in Japan" that is the title of my blog.

No i dont think like that but i used to think like that once... but now i dont..

Why i came out with this kind of title??

Because after being going into blogs of many Malaysians who are in Japan. I realise many share the same common thing that they will do anything and they dont care whatever it is but they want to go and be in Japan.

I dont know why Japan is sooo good... seriously, yes they may have things we like n yes our politics sucks n etc. But look at the bright side.. Malaysia is still Malaysia.. good food, weather, people ??

Ok, back to topic.. U see here i wont put names but individual NX is inside here as well..

ok, I start of with Individual NX.. she went to Japan ala ala got invitation from Petronas. She was confuse to choose also that time she was learning at the French Institute to study in France. She took the offer to Japan, i am not sure her real attention but she went there and brag about it, she fought with some Japanese people. She even wasted quite a lot of YEN for useless stuff and also she got angry when she is out of money. She sells watches when she is out of money. She studies in a place which i would say.. GOSH.. i thought this uni was prestige.. but it was like an Uni doing twinning studies with other institutes including UM, yes Universiti Malaya. The bitch somehow regrets for being in Japan if u read her blog. She is lonely and always fight with people n curse and also hardly no one makes frens with her. And just for the sake of show off, i am not sure.. but she did waste her money to go the whole Europe. Individual NX is bad in buying her tickets, she makes books wrong flight also didnt find a cheaper alternative or better book last minute until her flight ticket was RM7k about.. i manage to get RM4k above for a flight to japan also go and return as well... same plane as her.. MALAYSIA AIRLINES !!!
UPDATED... the bitch lied in her video that she bought a ticket for RM7,000 which was 260,000 Yen or ¥260,000 ... i convert it n i cant believe my eyes.. it was RM10,200 !!! Her dumbass fren thinks it was also RM7 ribu.. BODOH !!!! I wonder how she got her money? Duit Untung SMS ayah dia kot

Next was girl name Ad and Mas. Both of them obses with Japan. I know both of them are matrix students. They both claim they got an offer from Jenysis and their Matrix to go to Japan. MAybe they were confuse or what... i know it was writen 2 weeks scholarship to stay with ur foster parents. Also Jenysis program is for high school students.. not matrix or IPT.. so Ad and Mas joined and quit their matrix and go to this program. All for the sake want to go to Japan brag and buy toys n gundam. So they stop matrix n went to Japan. They do is all brag n show off.. in the end, mereka rugi.. they have to lie to many of their frens that they are still in Matrix but they were not. They also wasted their golden opportunity in matrix.. such a waste. Btw, i am uncertain how the manage to infiltrate Jenysis since it was a collab between both government ?? Thats why the Japanese government was soo pissed.. but it is stupid that Ad n Mas even they cheated n manage to enter.. but wasted their edu here.. dumbasses.

3rd a girl name Is.. i dont know her much but she lives with individual NX. She brags about going to VIP dinner in Japan. I dont know how she go to Japan n manage to meet this people. She somehow once brags her visit to korea n etc. And to make things interesting.. once she bought a junk food.. which she brag was big n nice... she ate n swallowed a few after half was eaten she and her friends realise the ingredient was pork. Is here is soon to get a connection with the Shia.. she is from being a Sunni to a Shia.. Only Allah knows.

4th is this Alim girl.. i saw her when after i went to Is' blog... she looks nice but my heart says otherwise. I saw pics of her and her malaysian colleagues in Japan wearing some sort of a uniform and hangout at snow. Also they went to Korea and hangout as well during their break. Somehow she studies some uni i guess engineering or computing.. i looked at her uni.. wow nice.. but one thing.. it was not certified by Malaysian Government also that Uni looks like KBU here.. or Segi college.. not those prestige one.. i would understand if she goes somewhere we Malaysians know and also being certified but not a un-certified university. God, i wonder why their parents are so dumb to let their child go somewhere not certified.. also for the sake of going to Japan or studying in Japan. Just bcoz of that ?? What the hell ??

nevermind.. maybe my postings are a bit jealous but i dont get it.. why our people are so dumb.. it is ok, i still had an advice from a fren.. he told me "U should not know the truth, it is painful if u know it," He told me that when we were talking politics.. seriously i found out the truth it hurts.. nevermind..

p/s: Individual NX talks about religion n got piss or angry with people who celebrate halloween n guess what... i manage to find out she goes clubbing as well... dont talk religion when urself is still not correct.


Just now i was watching a Japanese documentary about Hokkaido and i was impress with their ancient fisherman... they still follow their traditional ways of fishing.. like one fisherman uses long ropes to catch Cod and Giant cod !!!

Japanese Fisherman with their catch of big tunas

what impress me was their government help them giving them money, shelter, GPS and better and safer boats... it is a pity our government are not helping them especially in an economy like now...

A Japanese fisherman with his catch

Safety 1st during fishing !

Japanese fishing market

i meant look at Japan, they helped more towards agriculture and farming... look at their farms being so high tech and safe.. i meant we as a Muslim country bragging about Halal food n growth. Why are we not helping the agriculture and farming industry. How about many government visits to Japan so called to follow their ways and share technology (actually the visit was to say sorry about ... something bad happen there) but not implementing them. Indonesia at least their agriculture and farming industry is growing.

Anyway i pity our Malaysian fisherman.. as u see, u at the houses they live.. small shacks n the go to the sea every week to catch fish for the day. Sometimes it was a jackpot sometimes was a nightmare. AS the journeyed to the sea, their are also gambling their lives. The can either live or die by the sea. Imagine storms, pirates, human error, sharks and etc.. n them using old diesel boats which are over 10 years... how risky their lifes are... sometimes being in the unpredicted ocean, i wonder how they can survive.. imagine no food or clean water to drink if the ship is spoilt.. anything can happen..praying to all fishermans..

A typical Malaysian fisherman

A real poor Malaysian fisherman (Congrats to the daughter for being the best Malaysian student of the year !!)

A real Malaysian Fisherman village

Malaysian Fisherman

Malaysian Fisherman market

Also when they come to shore after a catch, they sell to people.. especially this individual we call them as middlemen. Buy from them with a super cheaper price n sells us HELL EXPENSIVE... i wish they were also given the knowledge and help on how to sell their produce...

i hope the government would help them... pity those poor fisherman...

Stupid Advert

When i was a kid i watched this advert of this so called Juicer called Jack Lalanne...

this old hog has been bragging... oh this juicer is good n better, will kick the crap of other juicer n etc... he says ooo if u make juice out of this juicer, u be healthier and live longer !!!

wait he said ?? Live longer ?? WTF?!

if god said u die today ??? drinking juice with Jack Lalanne juice will defy god's power ???

U suck !!!!

kalau Ajal dah sampai, u cannot avoid it !!!

BABI punya org tua !!!!

n then i watched this crappy advert... ooo my .. so stupid u can put a WHOLE FRUIT !!!

They said WHOLE FRUIT !!!!!!!!


Dont believe me?? read comments on Amazon !!!

click here to read

anyway i still prefer my Kenwood juicer which is already over 10 years already !!!

Kisah lama di blog lama : make research then Believe !!

Well here is something interesting... will make Norman KRU l**k his B**L n eat up his words..
censored bcoz i am worried nanti pihak berkuasa baca mati aku

I remembered he said.. "OOO look at Brunei being a wonderful Islamic country than Malaysia,"

Well does he know ??? BRUNEI THAT WELL !!!!

Alhamdulillah with Malaysia.. even we have the lazy Jakim.. well guess what...

i read my brunei fren's blog.. she was upset her chocolates which she bought in BRUNEI are not halal.. u get me not halal.. pity her...

i was surprised an asked her ?? did they put any tag or something to tell it is not halal... well she said no...

luckily chocolates and some food as listed as Halal n Non-Halal.. i am happy that chocolates where given attention..

anyway why i said Lazy Jakim.. well based on my previous story which some of my frens knows and.. also why i called them.. bcoz there is still products which are not halal... for example some japanese teriyaki sauce with contain sake, or how about those imported stuff... n some non-halal foods.. even things which contain wine.. u can accidentally buy them without knowing it is halal or haram...

So Norman dont be a smart-ass jerk... do ur research 1st b4 bragging !!

ok.. but anyway b4 we buy we should read the contains just incase we bought non halal stuff.. for example.. i found white vinegar n a white wine vinegar together.. but i read so that i wont take the wrong one.. lucky for me.. the wine vinegar was cheap n looks exactly like the vinegar... imagine if u accidentally took it mistaken it for vinegar... or how about drinks which are so colourful but actually it contains alcohol. I hope Jakim could do their jobs better... also we as a penguna should read n becareful... i dont want to blame 100% on them even if they are lazy.. sometimes..

I realise the lack of knowledge by our Muslim bros n sis are quite dangerous. Like this news i got YEARS ago.. about this London biscutts and cakes.. i was shocked when they said.. Tak Halal, bcoz of this chemical... well lucky me i was a Pure Science student.. i read n checked that chemical.. n i was amazed... seriously kalau they say that chemical haram guna lemak babi.. plz nicely remove all UR FOOD COLOURING which include STAR BRAND, NONA, NUR n some of the halal colouring brand...

ish cant they learn ?? n sending this stupid spam which they dont care the reality ?? or learn something.. i meant dont be a lazy pig (my late auntie said that)

Apollo now is the new victim after that london biscutt.. whats next ?? munchies ??

OK, if u hate Erra Fazira for promoting that cake.. then just say boycott sbb Erra not make a slander benda tu tak halal.. i pun dah malas nak cakap dgn kwn-kwn yg sekaum yg tak buka mata n buka telinga mereka..

Talking about rumours kan.. teringat cerita.. Colgate n some ubat gigi was haram, haram and haram... want to know where the haram story came from ???

well what trigger me to found out why is colgate haram was actually when i was in UiTM i read the newspaper saying stop sending spam in the mosque.. n the spam was that colgate haram la..

(i rasa i also know the spammer was since he talked about it last year)

so dont mind about the spammer.. u have to find the source.. who started saying colgate Haram..

Alhamdulillah, when i was in UiTM.. my fren Syed Yusoff brought me to his room and told me to join his MLM.. he joins this MLM company fully bumi called SURECO.. i watched a video of SURECO doing a demo... n guess what... there is source !! COlgate is haram !!

The demo they said Colgate haram guna tulang babi... n stuff... so i guess from them.. they started Spamming sampai masjid.. Ish kurang ajar spam dlm masjid.. from there i started mcm.. fuck off... nak kutuk pasal colgate kenapa??? why dont u join the market n beat colgate if ur so called brand so hebat dari colgate !!!

Colgate is here for generations n i am sure mereka dah check n everything b4 doing the job.. n now Jakim gets the job to check n listed them HALAL !!!

i am pissed wth SURECO, kalau brand u bagus sgt... go market it.. n challenge semua !!

I am sure tak leh.. Muu'mim ada (which is 100% better than f**King crap SURECO) NEEM ada, Himalayas ada, SAFI ada... haha.. go ahead !!!!

anyway thats all !!

blog with some wrong info

ada blog di luar sana ada maklumat salah tentang keluarga saya..

adakah saya kena tegur kerana terkeluar maklumat salah??

also kalau saya tegur org tu... adakah saya kena inform dia punya kwn atau senior yg bagi maklumat salah supaya jgn bagi maklumat salah !!

sbb senior dia tak nak contact me !

sila bagi cadangan di poll sebelah !!!


Pengaruh High School Musical

Hih School Musical atau HSM telah menjadi satu big hit di dunia dan di Malaysia sendiri ramai golongan termasuk kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa menyukai HSM.

Tetapi adakah anda tahu bahawa HSM telah mempengaruhi ramai pihak termasuk pihak iklan..

saya terjumpa iklan ini yg telah terpengaruh dgn HSM.. mmg kreatif dan not bad untuk budak-budak 1st time ini.

lepas ini ramai la kanak2 nak masuk PLKN. Saya doakan ajar PLKN menjadi lebih elok.. sbb byk sgt la kes teruk2 saya dgr ni...

Communist me

I tested a communist quiz i thought i would be a traitor or simple but guess what... i cant believe my eyes...

wow patut la i am fighting for what it right n against the wrong

Seakan-akan tak???

selalu saya tgk Totally Spies.. saya tgk Jerry Lewis rupa dia seakan-akan2 seseorang tu... so

tgk mereka ni seakan-akan tak???


hey sorry for being away but i will try update my blogs n here are some topics

- Formula D Malaysia
- Penang Trip
- A new tech joins us
- n maybe some topic i cant think of so !!!

be ready !!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Role Models in choosing them !

As well all know.. we know that many people love to choose role models.

But choosing them n knowing them is easy... but are u sure, do u know them 100% ???

well i am not here to go against any political role model but to advise you all regarding on the role model issue.

1st of all.. does your role model are good to his/her family ??

2nd do they respect other people ??

3rd do they respect their families ???

this should be taken consideration.. bcoz some of them in front, they are the greatest people, they give promises and care to the people. They meet poor people n tell them they will help them but behind maybe they dont show consideration or respect to his/her family.. they show some attitude which are different from outside.

The reason i uploaded this post is to inform..

*I wont put the name of the political party, also the name of the person for confidential purposes.

well there was a politician i know who has been a role model to many females and girls in Malaysia. She was a great person outside giving promises to the people also being polite to all types of people as also claimed in the political party also her facebook but family wise she was rude, arrogant, cocky and etc.

Imagine even her own auntie (70+ years old) said she was more rude than her husband. Not only that but she gives bad promises to her other family members for example she promises that she will be coming at Maghrib time but never even show up or call to inform that something bad has happen. All this lies are just to much for a so called politician, i am sure if they is a campaign where you need to vote her as ur DUN.. i will go full swing campaign against her even she has stronger support also if her teacher goes against her... I will also hit on her teacher can say double whammy i want to hit both. FYI, this female youth politician (as stated on the political website) doesn't even go to her uncle's funeral n the only thing she did was sending a facebook message to the sons of that uncle. I am not going to insert her father who is 100 times or more worst than her.

btw, I meant thanx to her arrogant-ness, i am guessing many wont be her role model if they know who she is...

I remembered a story about Rasulullah during the war.. the Muslim soldiers were losing a battle. The soldiers asked Rasulullah, why are they losing. He replied.. that one of the soldiers was doing sin to Allah. He should go to the right path then we can win.

So i am suspecting that this lady was one of them in the political party n causing them a disaster now.

*p/s: She is a backstabber actually to that party, i pray that the party should remove her politely

Siapa sini penguna Ubuntu Linux ??

Well siapa sini pengguna Linux or Ubuntu ???



I am now a proud owner of Linux as well kena torture by my boss untuk guna linux... sbb dia kata Windows awk tak leh buat programs n all...
*I mean Windows kalau nak buat PHP u kena download apache la.. apa la... byk sgt benda kan also security windows lemah n crash

So lately i have been doing some coding on my linux n yea.. it was ok..

lagipun dah lama dah i guna linux... byk susah n senang... also linux helped me... i suka Ubuntu Linux more sbb it is easier n more friendlier than Fedora (no i dont hate fedora bcoz i use it too).. so far i think Ubuntu is great for new comers n all... n u can say goodbye to ur windows Vista... sbb Ubuntu is an awesome version of VISTA !

any of my blogger frens... ada masalah in Linux, Ubuntu especially.. plz comment me k..

here kalau nak tau pasal Ubuntu k

Wikipedia about Ubuntu

Ubuntu official website

Aiman's stupid offensive questionnaires


Hey are my super simple and stupid questionnaires.. if u can answer all right.. thank god but all wrong.. u have to go to mental hospital..

Here are the questions with pictures.. with Bahasa Malaysia.. one answer , satu jawapan !!

Question 1

A) Fish Sauce / Sos Ikan
B) Fish Oil / Minyak Ikan

Question 2

A) Chicken soup / Sup Ayam
B) Chicken stock / Stok Ayam

Question 3

A) Fire / Api
B) Light / Lampu

Question 4

A) Paper Prata / Roti Tisu
B) Bomb Prata / Roti Bomb

for answers scroll down
untuk jawapan sila halakan ke bawah

Ok, i will tell u why i also inserted this artist picture and here are the answers

1) A
2) B
3) A
4) B

if u got all wrong... well go to mental hospital... ok, actually u know why i made this questionnaires ?

i realise our Malaysian artist are dumb.. u get me dumb... sometimes it is funny n mostly embarrassing.. i wonder how their parents can take it.. Ok, i watched Mawi's wedding i remembered the host was Farah AF or Farah Diana Anuar... n in Mawi's magical arabian wedding.. they were fire and this Farah said "oo lihat lampu sedang menyala," to make things better i am sure u wont believe me that all the wrong answer are answers from Farah AF... seriously


n then i watched Halal Orient where she goes to Taiwan in search of Halal food.. one prob.. if they want to make a food show.. u must find a person willing to eat all kinds of food... I watched Farah as she suffers eating the food she dont like... (i bet Haikal n many will look at her impression when she tried one of the food).. also if u cant find someone to willing to eat that train this Farah to eat all types of FOOD... i meant come on.. my fren from Romanian i remembered she told me.. b4 competing in China, she and her teammates are trained to eat duck and other chinese stuff sometimes force themselves.

Ok back to topic.. what made me shock in the show was... the old man.. he was cooking a halal dish.. Farah asked for the ingredient and he replied "Chicken Stock," and Farah said "OOoo, Sup Ayam,"


Next when she went to a Halal Thai Food Stall.. they showed her the secret ingredient.. that was a fish sauce n guess what she said "Oooo Minyak Ikan,"

What the HELL ?!

Malu je... i meant she is an icon n her level is that terrible.. gosh i understand why malaysian films are just plain stupid... to make things embarrassing.. she used to study in the Local Uni.. n she made that local uni name.. teruk.. who cares...anyway..

I dont care she want to do telly tubbies or brit brit or what the hell but dont be dumb like that show...

i wonder why they choose this weird people as role models ??

guys n girls who read my blog... plz comment on this matter !!!! i want to know ur opinion...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Post lama: Confessions of a young man

I know this story sound stupid but read it with ur heart open n be sincere and this is written with his own heart and the guy who wrote this sucks in writing. Also the pics posted here are his last visit

Well a young man remembers the time when he was a teenager. He remembers clearly his 1st time being in Cameron Highlands. It was his 1st time with his family and his late father was there happily enjoying nature.

As the young man who was a teenager that time.. learns about nature and the wonders of Allah in a land which is so beautiful. He looked at fruit that were grown beautifully. They were bigger than the ones in the market. The teenager was also happy to try something new that was homemade milkshake..

He missed those days. He remembered his late father showed him a strawberry place which they want to go. It was a small place not that grand. It was a simple place also a rusty land rover was parked there. The place was very humble indeed and the teenager was happy to pluck strawberries for his 1st time.

The strawberry place which the young man visited until today which is now more advance than last time.

He even bought pure strawberry jam which has no preservatives and it can stand longer than normal jams. The teenager bought a strawberry ice cream which is soo delicious. He loves the taste of real strawberry also pure strawberry. Cameron Highlands or strawberry land will always be in his heart. He thanked Allah for showing one great place in his country.

Soon, they arrived at a vegetable market. It was beautiful, his mom was too obsess with fresh big vegetables there. So from there the teenager started his journey walking around Cameron Highlands looking for items to buy or made a small souvenirs to bring back home.

As he walked, looking behind how far he has journeyed and of course he does it in Penang but in a place where he does not know anything would give him the experience for the future.

He walked and looked around and see how Cameron Highland people do their work, sells their goods n everything. The teenager was a curious person looking all and experiencing. Also this mark his journey as a traveler.

He walked in front and saw this road that heads to the peak of Cameron Highlands called Gunung Brinchang. To locals it is a nice place to enjoy nature and see the wonders of Allah. The young man knew it was too far so he walked somewhere where his parents can look for him.

He walked until he saw a little shop that was not that fancy in between 2 vegetable stalls. It was not that great but it sells items or art. It sells a lot of nice items, toys and souvenirs. The teenager stop here and looked at all the beautiful items sold by this young lady. The young lady called the teenager and the teenager looked and amazed with all the items she sold. Some of them were her work of art.

The young lady asked him if he would be interested in buying her own design keychains. The teenager didn't nudge and he was thinking and looking at those cute items. There were some people passing thru the shop. The young lady call for customers but none had come to buy from her. Maybe bcoz her shop was not as great as the other shops or maybe bcoz of something else. The teenager was a bit sad to see his own race not supporting their own race or worst own country.

In the end, he bought from the young lady. He knows he has no other places to go to buy items so he bought from this young lady also it was his 1st time buying a design keychain. The young lady thanked him. He waited and look the young lady do her art work. She was left handed and gentle in her art. The teenagers heart suddenly felt an urge like he knows the girl who made it was sincere. She did her work her sincere heart. Her little shop was not fancy even her tools are not fancy. She uses a cookie tupperware to keep her stationary. She also have to use a lighter to dry the art. To write down the things what the teenager wrote was on a recycle paper which has many writing of many types of people. The young man bought 2 keychains but he cant recall how many bcoz they were cheap.

The teenager loved a girl that time. The girl he loved was actually a slut but he loved her will all her heart. He asked the young lady to write it down n draw a rose that his girl gave her. She draw exactly as the rose. The teenager thanked her. He was happy to be in a nice place. The keychain he bought he keep it as a memory from a young lady who sold to him.

The 2nd time, he was at Cameron Highlands again during peak hour which is loaded with people. He went to his favourite strawberry shop. It was upgraded and better than last time. More updated and upgraded. The teenager showed his cousin how beautiful it was. The cousins agreed n they went to the young lady's shop to buy a keychain. Peak hours or Peak holidays are not a good time to go as prices soar and also many and many people keep on buying until sold out. Btw, that was the last visit of the teenager's father to Cameron Highland. He was happy to know a British Muslim male who lived with his wife in this beautiful place. He was introduce by his friend or his son's late father in law.

The 3rd time he went was with his sister's family. They had never been there. They loved the scenery. They loved a lot of things there. The teenager when again to the young lady shop. The young lady made the beautiful keychain for the teenager. She asked "Are you the kid who always buy here?" .. He replied "Yes, I am.. I always buy here,".. the young lady smiled. One of the reason he bought from her was she was too sincere and kind also he supports to buy products made by his own race or own country. She made those beautiful keychains also the teenager bought many. The teenager told her, he has a girl who is doing her SPM and he wants to wish her good luck in the keychain. So the young lady made it beautiful and the teenager was happy he knew that his rich bitch girlfriend would maybe appreciate this sort of gift which his rich bitch girlfriend would not love. The teenager remembers he wants to buy some batteries for his discman (those days mp3 players were expensive. Ipod n Zen are the only Mp3 players on the market) before the journey home. He asked the young lady if she sells some batteries, she did not sell but she told the teenager to go a shop over there to buy the battery. Later the teenager returns to the shop to take his keychain that was ready. After buying the teenager walks away with joy but this marks where the young lady and teenager would not know that this was actually like the last time this teenager will buy from her. Soon the teenager regretted that he did not have her contact number as he want this young lady to make keychains for his future wedding day. He wanted to order from her to make more also to support her and her family.

As years goes by, the teenager became a young man. He never had a chance to go there.. His family was still stuck with their tradition to go to Penang every year. He loved Penang but he loves Cameron too. He wants to know how was the young lady doing?? Is she ok ?? Is she in trouble?? Is her business was bad?? Did she close shop ?? Is she successful ??

Many questions left unanswered on the young man head. He asked some of his frens who are going to Cameron Highlands to help him get the young ladies contact number. Some tried but failed to recognize her shop bcoz it is between vegetable stalls. Some dont dare bcoz to them, they are strangers to her. The young man was sad and prayed nothing wrong happens. He had contacts from there also Allah was too kind for the young man. A man who was his cousin's fiance was from Cameron Highlands and they will make their wedding there.

After 3 years, he finally had his chance to go during his cousin's wedding. He journeyed but his heart was affraid. He worries for the worst but he prays for the best. He finally saw the young lady's shop opened.

He cannot buy now bcoz he has to go to the wedding ASAP. He passed her... and rushed to the wedding. He cant wait for his shopping and he was happy the young lady was around but he was sad for ignoring her. After the wonderful wedding, the young man wanted to go but before he started his journey, he called a few friends he trusted to buy some presents. He know he is not wealthy but giving his friends a sincere present is better than those expensive presents. Allah was kind to his creations. Heavy rain poured and the young man didnt had a chance to go and buy. He was sad, but Allah gives a challenge his servant to be stronger. The young man was worried if he didnt not have a chance to meet.

The next day, the young man had bad stomach ache.. he tried his best to remove all the pain. In the end it was successful and the young man started his journey but with fear. He called his friend to help him. He was too afraid if the young lady would not be polite to him for asking her number. His attention was to help her not to flirt her. The friend told him to be strong. Ok, 1st he went to a the strawberry farm which he visited which looked more advance than last time.

He catches many pics as possible b4 heading to the keychain shop. His journey was a nightmare, it was a bit far and many cars were blocking his path. The police bus was like driving the bus like no mans land. So he walked.. he feared... but he has to go on. Like it or not.. he has to face it.. Reality !!

As he arrived, the young lady was there and asked the young man.

"Welcome, do you want some buy some keychain??"

also she asked another question after a 3 second pause. Which was...

"Are you the kid who always buy keychains from me??"

The young man was shocked and his heart stopped beating for a while n he replied.. "YES". The young lady was happy to see him and he bought keychains from her. He asked if she can make up to 21 to 22 keychains. She said No problemo for her.

The young man asked her how does she recognize him. She reply that the young man looks the same since last time. The young man was happy. He had a few chats with her asking her about her business. After a few chats, the young lady gave him her name card. She said if he is looking for some apartment to rent give her a call, her parents has an apartment for rent. He asked her if he could call or sms her for booking on keychains. She said no prob as well.

She took her tool box of stationary (no more cookie tupperware) and also some piece of paper asking the young man to write. She was also more advance.

The young man was grateful and happy that he manages to meet her. He asked her for a photo and caught one.

She was busy after the young man came. He shop was packed with people also they want to many items. She was also charitable as she gave discounts on items. She told the young man, if she is not here, she is at her new shop. She said her business has gone better. She bought a new shop. The young man asked her something personal as... why she worked here..

She said she cant get an offer from Local Universities and Colleges. The young man knows the government dont even care for the people also she tried to apply for working with the government but failed bcoz he english is not good. The young man reply "English not good, but i seen many government officers and workers who are bad in english,"

The young lady replied "it is her rezeki but she will be happy to study again, also she is happy with her work,".. The young man was still young... in his mind he believes in helping people. He remembered he wanted to help his best fren to get a good job and studies. His best fren cant further his studies bcoz he has no money. The government loans are also not helpful.

Later the young man has to go.. the girl tried her best to finished it and she made it. Even it was in a rushing mode or not her best.

The young man wants her to keep the change.. in his heart, if he loves something he would tell to keep the change so he did... the young lady wants to give the change but he ran off.. he knows going out with his sister will only cause trouble. During his journey, he saw his cousins car and asked his cousin for a fast ride and he made it.

When he was at home, he kept her card also he looked at the beautiful keychain.

He showed to his frens who he wants to give and they loved it.

He was in tears looking at it... he was grateful.. and everytime he reads or tells or write about the story.. he will go into tears... he knows it is stupid for him to think like this but it is his feelings so people should understand how hard the journey has been for him.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Biggest Loser ??? No you are the WORST LOSER !!!

seorang peserta biggest loser yg paling bodoh !!!

ok saya kata mcm atas tu sbb cite dia mcm ni...

mmg saya tak minat sgt reality show ni.. tapi saya tgk biggest loser sbb mmg seronok.. tgk org yg berbadan besar ingin berubah kehidupan mereka pada yg lebih baik...

so kadang2 suka tgk mereka bekerjasama walaupun dlm team lain....

pastu biggest loser asia keluar !!! bukan main happy... saya suka tgk show yg dapat mengubah org menjadi yg lebih baik...

so tgk la... n hampeh.. kerana... tak de sportsmanship langsung !!!!

barat walaupun perangai tak senonoh tapi sportsmanship mereka kuat compare dgn ASIA..

ingatkan show ini nanti mereka bekerjasama mcm US tapi hampeh...

tgk gaduh la.. mencarut la... especially minah filipines ni !!!

mmg layak dia keluar !!!

i ingat dia keluar.. terima la.. kekalahan pastu datang la peluk n minta maaf.. ini.. MARAH LA.. MENCARUT LA.. BISING LA...

ni la tu la... show ni tak membantu la...

wait kalau tak membantu ?? kenapa awk join dulu2 ????

nak FAME ke???

berlagak nak mampus !!!!

saya rasa org Asia nak main sbb nak $$$$$$$ bukan nak ubah kehidupan....

bodohnya pesal nak marah... biar la.. dah tau kan.. kata nanti awk menyesal la...

awk lak bagi malu name filipina.. aku tau negara ko tu bodoh mcm sial.. dah la president pun muka mcm babi !!!!

rakyat selalu memderita... tak pernah adil...

so anyway ... mmg sad la tgk show ni...

p/s: sorry la byk benci tapi mmg benci pun !!

Blogger meeting at Central Market n dinner !

i cant remember when was the last time i been here...

HELL it was in 2004... itu pun tak masuk sgt...

well a lot of things changed now..

i was there for a blogger meeting... also to meet new frens n of course blogger Cikgu Nurul..

i planned to go there EARLY !!

around 2 bcoz at 5 i have to go home n buy some present which my auntie told me to buy bcoz i have a birthday dinner with my cousins.

so as i went there... this happens... Neorul cant come, she had to come late for some reason.. but it was ok.. i journeyed myself into Petaling Street n soon maybe walk to Masjid India which i cancel n take the LRT to Masjid India..

as i was there, i was upset with Petaling Street bcoz it was not happening as last time.. u know?? more shops n clothing.. i thought i can get my new car shirt there but failed.

anyway i was thinking to walk to jalan masjid india but when i saw the building i was thinking it was impossible.. so i naik la LRT to Masjid Jamek but b4 naik i sms n call Neo takut dia dah sampai ke apa???

after a few sms.. i lupa.. dia tak suka sgt sms.. so i call dia.. n told her.. kita jumpa di masjid jamek..

so i pun pergi la.. tapi sad.. sbb i tak de rezeki nak sedekah ke org Miskin di sana


mmg sedih la... tapi i nak sedekah yg baik je.. not yg choosy sbb teringat hari tu saya duk tangkap gambar.. ada org minta sedekah at me over a million of people there.. n masa tu dah syak ini nak cari org ada duit.. adeh... apa2 pun mmg masa tu tak de duit.. so sorry k... n dont TARGET ME !!!

so as i walked n then Neo called.. so pergi la n jumpa dia.. nasib jumpa di masjid jamek sbb dia... kan... sudah lama tak biasa dgn public transport...

luckily my auntie called n inform jgn beli present !!

so bawa la dia ke Central Market as promised.. so di situ jalan2 n tunggu kwn cik Neo datang... n mereka datang n bawa kita to this place where org yg mmg betul2 Indie perform !!!

wow !!! I am impress tapi kenapa mereka get less attention from others??

i remembered once, there was a stay for all this indie band to perform.. n now where is it???

last time i remembered in CM there was a stage for this kind of performance or open for public but now no more... sama with the blind people who perform in Jalan Masjid India.. there use to be a stage but now no more...

ok.. we saw the performance which was nice n great !!

pastu we go and solat di surau... n WOW... walaupun kecil tapi well maintained compare to MANY PLACES !!!

KUDOS to Central Market for maintenance..

ok, then ikut Neo tgk rabbit di satu tempat di Central Market... mmg comel..

i kata kat Neo masa dia pegang arnab tu.. mcm sama case dgn Yuna masa dia pegang Lobster...

when back n then ada gaduh ada org ni dgn band indie... adeh... mcm2 la...

pastu kita kena balik awal la....

so bergambar la b4 we go

Neo kena balik sbb ada hal.. n me of course ada dinner...

dinner dgn family di KLCC.. actually cousin n mom punya birthday...

enjoyed... n paling lawak me n my doctor fren manage to finish majority of the food.. n org arab ni KUAT MAKAN eh !! sbb portion besar !!!

THANX TO ALL THE BLOGGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: updating sbb nak letak name bloggers yg di situ !!

Facon Edu fair !!

This is my 2nd time going to Facon edufair..

well this time... it is less compare to last year...

UIA was not there...

Japan Uni also was not there...

but now Japan has followed the globalisation of English in their campuses so u can get a course maybe in Japanese or English..

so far nothing much to story here.. but anyway there were many medical course there...

also my bags are full of information...

btw i hope that i can be in Japan in 2013 !!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tak de Tempat bukan alasan yg munasabah!!

ok, kenapa saya tulis mcm tu..

well satu hari tu saya dgr khutbah Jumaat mengenai tentang anak luar nikah n case buang anak semakin berleluasa..

iman yg baca khutbah tu started la.. cite mcm2.. pastu cakap yg negeri paling ramai is Kelantan n pastu ini la.. itu la..

i pun rasa mcm.. tak baik nak cakap pasal negeri org sbb ada statistic-nya betul ??

i meant look... Kedah ?? Johor (rates buang anak yg tinggi kerana Singapura) ??

n others... dont point Kelantan k !!!

itu tak buat i marah... tapi yg made me marah was... dia cakap pasal rumah kebajikan ni.. entah la... encik apa name...

so dia cakap pasal keadaan ini berleluasa.. dia kata sampai rumah kebajikan ini TAK CUKUP !!! TAK CUKUP UNTUK MENAMPUNG !!!

saya dgr, saya mcm... iman ni nak promote rumah tu ke??? kenapa tak cakap di khutbah pasal cara nak didik anak atau kurangkan rezeki yg haram daripada promote..

dia cakap la... tak cukup menampung.. ok saya tak nak comment pasal how anak2 kita nowadays duk buat benda maksiat..

maybe sbb salah kwn or rezeki yg haram dari parents atau dugaan...

so i was angry the part dia kata tak cukup.. mengapa mereka tak try to buat cukup...

no bukan nak promote..

cuba fikir... rumah kebajikan yg mana paling BYK !!

yg bukan Islam... n yg bukan Islam ini lebih caring compare to majority yg Islam punya..

paling menyedihkan... musuh Islam ini pandai... mereka buat la.. terlampau byk sgt rumah kebajikan.. no saya bukan point pada yg rumah kebajikan yg bukan Islam tapi yg musuh Islam.. kerana musuh Islam suka buat rumah kebajikan.. (inikan maklumat pasal rumah kebajikan musuh Islam awk comment n i will email u) n pada masa sama mereka cuba la memurtadkan budak Islam tu...

ok back to story

so masa tu pikiran saya teringat kat cite lama ni... masa saya buat kerja kebajikan di rumah anak yatim di sungai buloh...

saya dgn penjaga rumah anak yatim bercerita.. dia amat sedih tentang satu incident..

cite dia mcm ni... ada keluarga Miskin dan daif tiada tempat tinggal datang ke rumah anak yatim ni.. untuk meminta pertolongan.. mereka nak tempat tinggal.. dan penjaga tu dgn saya rasa pikiran tak terbukanya... kata rumah anak yatim ni tiada lagi tempat untuk mereka tinggal... dia minta maaf tak leh bantu...

so mereka keluar dari rumah anak yatim ini, n then dijumpai oleh musuh Islam kita.. n then musuh Islam ini ... berikan mereka rumah, duit n etc.. n mereka sekeluarga murtad...

dgr tu.. rasa nak tampar muka org yg jaga tu.. dia tak pikir ke???

mula2.. bagi mereka duduk sementara waktu also call BaitulMal atau Jakim or mana2 persatuan Islam untuk bagi mereka pertolongan???

simple kan?? jgn kata tak cukup tempat... cuba compare Malaysia dgn Palestine.. rumah anak yatim mereka OVERLOADED !!!!

or mcm mana dgn Iraq ?? lagi overloaded siap kena bomb oleh askar US pada perang teluk pertama... kesian anak yatim yg di bunuh dgn kejam..

kita nak overloaded pun tak leh...

anyway dgr ni mcm kesian la... mengapa kita tak leh menolong sesama kaum.. so pikirkan la...

n yg jaga rumah anak yatim ni... dont say overloaded.. give them time n find help.. dont tell me u tak ada number atau org leh tolong mcm Jakim... i am sure u all have kan???

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Siapa ingat ???

ini topic lama korek kat blog lama...

sebenarnya topic ni saya letak balik sbb semalam masa upload gambar makanan n then kwn ajak suruh makan satu kedai tu... n kedai tu dah lama ku tak makan bukan saje lama tapi ingatkan dah pupus... tapi masih ada n kuat lagi !!!!

tapi saya nak tanya... adakah anda semua ingat tak?? bangunan buah-buahan yg ada di KL atau di negeri lain ?? dan dlmnya ada org jual susu berperisa strawberry, jagung dan lain2 ????

ok so topic ni dari blog lama n masa tu ku menang anugerah dari IBM...

so here it is....


1st i just want tell that in college, IBM came and showed off their latest product which makes database work easy... it was fun and great but what shocked me was... they choose certain people to join.. n interestingly i was one of the chosen one..

ok back to topic


Well i just want to post this here about some fond memories which i guess soon it will be gone...

i will start from when i was a kid... I remembered my mom will always go to Masjid India to buy her tudung or plastic flowers and maybe some accessories... I remembered as a kid i dont like to go to hot crowded places, it hurts for a kid like me those days... and of course i dont understand much..

I know my late father would bring me around... 1st he would listen to classical songs sang by the blind people also sedekah them for their excellent performance.. he would then later bring me to this place in Masjid India (i remembered between Mydin), it is a beverage shop shape of a fruit from the outside.. U can find them commonly in KL last time but not today.

In this beverage shop, i remembered my father would buy me this drink which is packed in a vitagen kinda bottle. The bottle is obviously bigger than the vitagen one.. The drink is a flavoured milk drink. They have many flavours but mostly are fruity flavours like Strawberry, Corn, Durian, plain flavour and others. Everytime i go to Masjid India i would have one of the drinks. I really do miss this drinks.. I guess the drink was local bcoz of the colour and how rare to find one.

Years later, the drink was no more to be found. The fruit building was closed, some were left abandon and some were destroyed to make way for new buildings or roads. What was shocking was the drink.. no where to be found.. i think the people who made the drink didnt want to go and challenge the real world by selling those local drinks in 7 eleven or some shops. I still miss that drink which has a taste that is different from those modern drinks like Dutch Lady n crap. I remembered the person who sold wears yellow... ahhh i cant rememeber.. all i know was a bottle drink with a blue cap...

*I remembered Arnie Isa the annoying girl from NTV7, try one of goat milk and spit in front of the person who sold it.. ish tak senonoh but i suspect maybe that nice drink was goat's milk

Ok, kinda pity to see my fav drink gone.. and that unique fruit building also gone.. to make things worst ones there was a stand for the blind people to perform... was destroyed by DBKL.. and i dont understand why... they gave the blind people an umbrella for them to perform.. i still prefer the old shade which use to shelter them and others when they perform also a special table is given to them.

As i remembered all the good things gone.. even A & W was in Bangsar once until it was gone and replaced with Hop In n then gone AGAIN. Roadhouse Grill, Thai Corner (our fav family restorant which serve the best thai food) and etc.. gone.. slowly.. i dont know what is left for our kids to know.. bcoz all are history.

OK, today i went out with Avinash to Cineleisure n sadly i cant watch a movie.. bcoz the clock shows 5.30.. watch movie n then finish.. late at night.. i am sure my mom will kill me like last time.. damn sorry to Avinash.. ok, as we walked.. i remembered there was a cheap authentic italian restaurant in Cineleisure. It was cheap and good.. i remembered me, Dahnia and Shariz ate there... the workers was a friendly malay person.. i did ask him about the Halal issue as i was worried.. i remembered the brochure i got was a nice pizza but no halal markings.. was worried for it's non-halal-ness... but i went to the website i remembered the Italian guy gave people from the orphanage some pizza also he partnered with a Malay guy to bring this awesome pizza which uses 100% italian ingredients. I asked the person in charge of the shop at Cineleisure, he informed that there were trouble getting a halal chop or approval from Jakim.. ish lazy Jakim again... but pity the Italian.. he wanted to help the Malaysians but Jakim was too cruel.. they only care for themselves... I also remembered they were pizza steps to the restaurant very unique indeed.

No regret eating a pizza there... wanted to introduce to my US bro.. but he always buy from Pizza Uno at Centrepoint. Today, I walked after checking out Tony Roma's at Cineleisure.. OMG Dahnia will drool.. so i looked at the pizza shop.. it was no more there... closed and there was a notice saying it was DISITA... n a fine was given to them.. pity them... i love their food but cant believe it is gone... n when to their website.. it was no more there.... i do check the reviews... many gave a thumbs up...

Kinda sad that show was not there selling affordable Italian Cuisine. Was thinking maybe one day. Dahnia n frens with Haikal, Suraya and others including me as well go and eat there... but... since it is gone.. cant find a good affordable place to eat... haish

One Utama... i know Niko Niko Doh is gone... i dont know which shop will be gone.. let me see.. Dorayaki shop in One Utama gone... i miss that shop selling big portions of Doraemon's Dorayaki ORIGINAL k got licenses from Doraemon's company as well.. gone.. Miss Field's gone.. one cute souvenir shop GONE... quite a lot actually..

ok i think i will stop here

Maybe i will post more soon...


back to topic...

since it was all gone.... the shop i bought my xgf teddy bear also gone..

PS n computer shop there also gone...

i was sad... but one shop just came up !!!


selling fresh dorayaki from the pan !!!

awesome !!!

so tell me.. what was ur fav place that was gone now???

also do u know the building n drink that i was talking about???

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gadget giler !!!

hari tu i found cute gadgetry di internet.... rasanya nak buy some sbb interesting tau !!!

benda2 ni mmg WUJUD k !!!

here are some !!!

ini space invaders ice makers... comel kan???

this chargepod mmg sesuai untuk org seperti kita nak emergency... i rasa nak jadi tukang jual benda ni !!!!

this GPS camera dedicated to all readers (espeially followers) !!! mesti u suka kan?? ada bluetooth n leh upload ke smeua !!

Infra-red laser keyboard !!!! i love this one !!!

jam binary ni my fav, sbb i ada belajar coding Binary so no hal la =P

my fav rasanya nak beli is BAJU WIFI !!!

mmg akan menyala kalau ada signal wifi n tells kalau kuat atau tak !! of course signal yg free wifi la !! cool rite ????

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

adakah guru pekerjaan terhina??? part 2

ok thanx for the comment di topic ini

well semua telah menyokong...

actually kan.. masa i baca topic ni.. i somehow teringat satu cite ni tetiba semasa i di tandas...

cite ni dah lama ku rahsiakan dari ramai so i pikir nak cite a bit... sbb the BIG STORY IS STILL A SECRET !!!

perhatian: cite ini mengandungi diskriminasi dan unsur perkauman also kisah ini adalah sewaktu saya di UiTM, saya tidak menghina UiTM tapi saya mengkisahkan budak yg menghina uitm dan jika anda rasa saya akan menghina sila jgn baca n tolong la beri comment yg bernas!!

i remembered zaman saya study di UiTM (tahun 2005-2006), saya kena belasah teruk2 oleh my coursemates dlm bilik terkunci... (2 je yg belasah, 1 yg bising2)

saya ingat lagi coursemate saya yg satu ni (pelajar engineering dari UPM yg gagal n masuk balik di UiTM, dia yg bising)... dia tetiba kata kat saya dgn keadaan terluka...

"awk ni student kesayangan lecturer english tu kan??? Awk ni bodoh la, kenapa awk caya sgt kata lecturer bodoh tu!! awk tau tak?? kalau dia kata dia kaya.. dia tak mungkin kerja di UiTM jadi pensyarah!!!"

Pelajar lain yg against me angguk...

"Ko ingat ko dapat 4 flat di UiTM ko leh jadi successful?? Jgn nak mimpi la, kita datang ke sini bukan nak study pun saje nak jaga hati ibu bapa kita,"

"Lecturer tu bodoh, kalau dia kaya.. dia tak akan kerja sini,.. awk ingat nasihat dgn kaum lain tu baik, tolong la... mana ada!!! kita kaum melayu kena melayu, kaum lain gi mampus la tau nak jajah negara kita!!"

aku tak ingat apa dia kata... or maybe i tak nak cite lagi... mmg sakit hati kalau cite balik...

1st i suka lecturer tu... sbb nasihat dia hampir sama dgn my arwah ayah (beside i belum lagi recover after my father pastaway)

2nd saya faham apa dia kata... dia kata... "kalau awk ikut nasihat saya, awk akan jadi successful mcm saya! atau kaya mcm saya,"

when u think again.. Kaya .. ramai mesti kata.. kaya duit... how about some yg pikir mcm me... kaya dgn budi pekerti, kaya dgn ilmu pengetahuan??

adakah itu maksud tersirat dari lecturer itu???

i wonder how many of u think ??? money was the 1st answer... not budi pekerti or ilmu pengetahuan.. tapi tak pe...

dari sini kita lihat masih ada gak yg masuk IPT yg pikir mcm tu...

tapi kan... jgn terpedaya.. lecturer UiTM n other lecturers are smart also mereka tau how to make more profit... tu yg saya pelik.. kenapa mereka hina lecturer tu ???

benci sbb lecturer tu garang??

garang sbb tak pakai baju elok... of course la.. awk bawa imej uitm apa

benci lecturer tu sbb dia... cakap english n galakan english..

dia nak awk pandai dlm bahasa tersebut supaya awk tak akan di ketawakan oleh org barat.. bukan nak suruh awk lupa daratan..

*siapa la yg bawa teori, belajar bahasa ingerris bermaksud lupa daratan

also pasal kaum... ramai lecturer di UiTM pun nasihatkan...

"awk jgn lose contact dgn kwn yg kaum lain, kita bukannya manusia jenis perkauman, kita kena belajar memahami kaum lain untuk maju,"

takkan kita nak rasict kot !!!

hmmm, dia cite pasal dia kaya... supaya awk akan menjadi seorang yg berilmu mcm dia...

of course la jgn pikir $$$$$$$$$ hanya Allah yg memberi rezeki !!!

anyway saya minta maaf dlm apa yg saya tulis ini... dan mungkin akan delete pada masa yg akan datang...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

adakah guru pekerjaan terhina???

hari ni saya ada baca blog kwn saya, seorang guru... saya ada baca posting ini bahawa ada kwn dia... mengatakan bahawa guru itu pekerjaan terhina also kerja gaji rendah...

1st kenapa dia begitu sempit pikiran-nya mengatakan begitu ?????

also kalau anda baca.. dia kata nak jadi pensyarah... also kenapa begitu penting sgtkah gaji ????

Dan bukankah pensyarah itu guru ??

atau mungkin prespeki mereka memikirkan bahawa kerjaya guru ini lebih terhina atau kurang gajinya compare to doctor la, lecturer la..

*ada relative saya ni... mak punya uncle la.. dah tua nak mati, tapi tak insaf.. menghina org n pekerjaan org n education org n rupa org.. ingat apa awk ni perfect sgt ke??

ye saya tau, sekarang ini kegawatan ekonomi dan juga kurangnya pekerjaan kerana OVER-grad.. dan students yg tanpa skill yg diperlukan.. also dgn lekanya kerajaan dalam menangani budget (pentingkan liwat dan party je, ala 2 2 parti tu la pembangkang n kerajaan) walaupun mereka sedang cuba their best untuk solve this matter...

gaji penting ke??? masalahnya now kita nak cari rezeki yg halal bukan haram... begitu sedih bila saya melihat ramai kwn2 atau pekerja yg sucessful tapi makan rezeki haram.. yg sedihnya mengapa Haram yg dipilih ?? adakah sbb dia lumayan dari yg halal ?? so pikirkan la...

bila saya baca tu... bukan main marah ku dgr... tapi Alhamdulillah, kwnku yg guru tu bantai balik mcm guru lain yg berwibawa akan bantai dia...

kita lihat balik... guru ini mmg pekerjaan yg paling byk cabaran also yg paling termulia.. jika anda follow the guidelines n ikhlas.. (ada juga cikgu yg leka di sini)


cuba tgk... mereka dapat handle class yg maybe kecil 8 org atau class yg besar 20 atau better 100 over ????

or kalau pelajar yg OKU ??? mereka gak yg leh handle!

adakah senang anda ingin handle... trust me.. even saya walaupun bukan cikgu tapi nak present benda pun ada yg tak nak tgk presentation...

honestly we respect them... i am sure mereka tak pernah jemu mengajar kita...

tapi b4 i go on talking nice about teachers.. saya nak cakap guru2 yg jahat ni dulu.. atau yg kurang training..

ye la.. tau nak marah student je... bukan nak mengajar... pastu kalau student tak tau, marah2 je... bukan nak memahami keadaan student...

bagi contoh, seorang pelajar baru je melangkah nak belajar BM.. cikgu BM memarahi dia kerana... dia tak tau BM..

pelikkan.. atau tgk video ni... maybe anda akan faham !

masih ada lagi guru mcm ni di Malaysia dan perlu ditraining !! atau senang je.. remove them !!!

sorry tulis pasal ni but i think this is one of the factors why we dont like them.. but not all are like this !!

i hope kerjaan can look in this matter to bring out quality teachers..

ok so

cakap pasal kerjaya.. adakah anda sedar bahawa some of ur guru ni.. not normal.. meaning.. mereka mmg bukan cikgu... as in... kerjaya 1st mereka is something bigger... for example guru maths yg saya suka tu.. dia lecturer n penasihat dalam bahagian aeronautic.. maybe guru ni mcm sampingan or sbb dia suka mengajar with he always tells the class, dia tak jemu mengajar...

btw, ini nasihat saya dapat dari ustaz n ustazah di UiTM.. mereka kata... kita kena kongsi ilmu bukan kedekut ilmu... bila kita kongsi ilmu, kita akan faham lebih lagi...

mmg betul pun so jgn kedekut ilmu

teringat satu professor emiritus yg cakap "mana leh, aku mana leh bagi ilmu kat mereka, biar mereka cari sendiri,"

paling sedih, negara luar memberi penghormatan n respect pada kerjaya guru berbanding kita...

p/s: actually dah tak ingat apa lagi nak tulis... so i ended here k

Saturday, November 21, 2009

guards ni tak belajar maths ke??

ok topic mmg tak de kaitan... tapi saya ingat lagi guru atau pensyarah masa khursus PMR.. dia kata...

kalau awk leh hafal atau ingat no kereta, bermaksud awk ini hebat dlm matematik...

actually mmg betul sbb dah ramai no kereta saya kenal sampai hari ni
(tidak termasuk tentang saya minat kereta)

ok kenapa i cakap pasal guard ni... ok la.. ada guard yg jaga di kawasan rumah saya stay ni....

kisah dia mcm ni...

dlm kawasan rumah saya ada 2 kumpulan guard la... Group R dan Group P

satu diketuai oleh Encik P dan satu lagi Encik R..

saya suka group P sbb Encik P senior guard dan tau area kawasan dan kenal jiran2 semua.. dia pun peramah...

Encik R ni mmg tak peramah n kurang ajar...

*apa ingat awk org NEPAL leh suka hati kurang ajar eh????

ok so satu hari tu, my cousin datang n block kereta bro saya.. saya nak keluar masa tu ambil camera US bro saya tu.. so tanya my cousin pinjam kereta... nak ambil camera.. URGENT !!!

ye la tinggal di rumah sister i... takut nanti anak saudara ambil n rosakkan pulak.. bukan leh caya anak saudara or anak sister i ni...

ok.. so malam tu pinjam kereta cousin... so masa tu guard R jaga... pastu Encik R datang... dia kata dlm english..

"awk siapa?? awk tak leh keluar,"

mana la i tak marah... i pun balas balik... tapi tak jerit masih YELLOW..


dia pun sorry n buka pagar...

aku pun pergi la... dgn muka marah... mmg saya tak angkat tangan pada guard atau group R ni...

kalau Group P atau Encik P.. dia akan bagi tau... untuk sorokan visitor pass.. ini encik R cakap mcm banggang

ok ini berlaku last week.... masa tu emergency nak pergi ke kedai member.. ye la.. nak wish dia GOOD LUCK n ajar a few tips dlm SPM.. also masa tu.. my mom nanti marah kalau balik lambat so i nak balik awal...

ok, so berlepas la.. dgn kereta kebal ku (kereta di my house la selain wira auntie saya)...

so as i go... ini jadinya....

Guard group R.. semua dlm pondok aircond.. tetiba.. tgk kereta ku n tak buka pagar... semua tgk dgn rasa yg sangsi.. i pun mcm pelik la.. pesal ni??

i mcm... wei tak kan tak kenal kereta NAZA ni yg mmg selalu ada di sini??

so encik R pun keluar la.. nak cakap... n masa tu dgn MUKA MARAH NAK MAMPUS... AKU BUKA TINGKAP !!!

nampak MUKA KU YG MARAH... dia sorry n buka pagar... n guard lain cepat2 tabik...

aku apa LAGI !!!


tolong jgn ikuti cara aku nanti rosak kereta !!!!

so berlepas la dgn perasaan marah... apa INGAT TABIK TU LEH BUAT AKU LEGA KE???

ok la... mmg marah.. kereta aku yg lama di area.. takkan mereka tak cam?? sedangkan kereta yg mmg tak de di area mereka leh cam... n pesal mereka tak de initiative untuk keluar n tgk...

n takkan tak kenal muka aku KOT !!! dah byk kali ku masuk n KELUAR !!!

ok... so bila balik mmg i tak tunjuk MUKA !!!

ok la... awk semua maybe nak marah.. nak kata sabar n all... n kata human error...

well i tak terima semua tu... why ???

sbb Group R dulu ada cakap mcm ni kat maid saya... "kalau awk gantung lagi baju di luar, saya nanti buang baju awk di bawah longkang tu,"

ITU LA AKU MARAH DGN GROUP R !!! bukan sbb human error !!

kalau group P.. dia inform cara elok n cakap elok...

also dont worry pasal gantung baju.. akhirnya management terpaksa mengalah sbb logic kan??? mcm mana nak keringkan baju kalau bukan di LUAR ?

tapi kalau GROUP R buang baju saya di BAWAH LONGKANG TU... NAHAS LA MEREKA !!!!

mmg mati punya...

Monday, November 9, 2009

ku rasa bersalah

mengandungi gambar yg tak sesuai untuk tontonan umum

well ku rasa bersalah entah kenapa...

cite dia mcm ni...

tadi terbaca FEED facebook xgf saya...

ada satu cite yg paling mengejutkan n ku rasa bersalah... nak tau ke???

tak pe la.. saya cite tu kalau malas nak baca cite saya dgn xgf... turunkan browser ni sampai ke garisan akhir


cite dia mcm ni.. mula2 bagaimana saya kenal dia...

dulu ada kisah.. ku gi Penang ada tahlil arwah ayah di sana made by my cousins (yg sygkan arwah ayah)... so satu malam tu.. my auntie punya kwn Puan Ros (terpaksa guna name friendster dia) ajak keluar... biasa la... mereka ni kwn baik dari zaman remaja.. btw to tell u bahawa Puan R punya suami or my xgf's father meninggal dunia pada hari sama arwah ayah saya meninggal dunia cuma beza 2 jam sahaja.

ok, so malam tu dia ajak keluar.. my auntie ajak la keluar.. biasa la.. my auntie pity me sbb i was so close to my father... so dia ajak la.. maybe put a smile on my face again.. so as i keluar.. jumpa la Puan Ros..

so Puan R mmg kenal me.. dari i kecil lagi.. not only me.. even my bros n sis as well.. so Puan R pun bawa kita gi makan2 di tempat pulau but b4 that she bawa ke rumah baru dia.. wow cantik.. seriously like my house of dreams.. so then i tak tau Puan R ada anak kedua yg lahir pada tahun 1988.. n malam tu dia tuition.. so Puan R nak ambil kita n join...

so kita ambil anak dia... so dari situ la i kenal dgn my xgf... dia muka mcm mak dia cuma gelap sikit.. she was so cute tapi one thing... my mind duk pikir, eh minah ni mcm gang2 rempit yg u kenal ke?? anyway forget it.. so i pun malu la berkenalan.. so then Puan Ros pun tell me.. mari auntie introduce anak auntie..

so masa tu she came in.. tak introduce herself.. she pun senyap... Puan R told my auntie.. anak saya ni sama mcm Aiman, dia syg ayahnya... dia nampak ayahnya dlm jubah putih pergi tinggalkan bye2. I pun ada gak.. but mine.. well me jumpa Malaikat Maut.. not as he warn me i will be dead but to inform me.. bersedia someone in the family is going to leave... anyway apa2 pun hanya Allah lebih tau..

so Puan Ros cite la... lepas cite dia cakap kat me n my xgf tu,


ala... bukan apa.. i also takde topic nak cakap.. i also kan masa tu dlm.. recovery.. also masa tu i have already DUMPED my stupid ridsect smelling xgf... so i tak de byk topic but we do talk a bit...

so di tempat makan, Puan R pun.. told me to sit beside her.. i tak tau niat sebenar Puan Ros.. but she mmg want me to kenal with her.. so we pun berkenalan.. cakap la benda kecil2.. mmg we were close that time.. n then b4 balik we exchange numbers... i was happy to know her... besides my hope was kinda high sbb ini mak approval gf... mak dah approve so apa lagi ?? dah green light kan????

lagipun mak dia kenal me... huhu.. mana la tak gembira.. i tried to be the best bf.. n masa tu.. i try to know her better.. nak tau lagu apa dia suka, cite apa dia minat.. n mcm2.. we mmg love each other.. i know she SPM so i bagi dia nasihat n mcm2..

n one day.. masa di Cameron Highlands tahun 2005.. i met Kak Wanie for the last time (until 2009).. i told Kak Wanie.. "kak, buat keychain special ni untuk my gf,"

Kak Wanie pun buat la... i remembered i tulis "Dear ******, Good Luck in Your SPM!"

design tu pun cantik Kak Wanie buat...

n satu hari tu masa di Penang... my xgf tak datang.. mak dia dgn cousin dia datang.. sad.. i wanted to give her this gift personally...

tapi in the end, i gave to her mother.. mak dia syg me.. n gave me a hug n tickle me... she knows i am a good boy...

my xgf that time thanked me n said sorry tak dapat datang kerana teman nenek dia di SURE HEBOH...

later my xgf stayed in KL at my house... tumpang.. so i ingat lagi.. rumah i ada byk masalah in electrical n plumbing.. jadi semua i fix... aircond, lampu, kipas, paip tersmubat n semua la.. so that she will know i did it.. n tak nak dia stay di rumah yg rosak kot..

masa tu leh ingat lagi, Puan R dan dia bercerita.. dia cakap la.. "Aiman awk leh call anak saya Intan ke??? Short form dia ke?? sygku ke?? apa2 la.. bergurau sambil my Xgf tersipu2.."

i cant remember that day.. i was at OU sbb something.. n cant follow her balik... adeh...

ooo yea, tried to tell her i di Sepang tgk Japan GT... wow was happy that day.. tak ingat kenapa

anyway masa she was taking SPM, well a day b4 SPM.. i dekat hutan mana entah sbb ada relative punya weddding.. I called her tak dapat.. but one thing... i sms her.. to tell her Good Luck la... she tak angkat...

ok tak pe... i tau dia bz...

Aku tgk cite james bond pun.. ada awek muka mcm dia..

muka dia mcm Kissy Suzuki

after her spm.. i sms n call her.. no avail.. tak pe.. she must be bz..

soon i rasa pelik... kenapa i sms or call.. no answer...

until one last day in penang.. she was there.. we date one last time.. i saw her.. dgn baju yg cun, handphone yg canggih, sumbang belian n mcm2 la..

apa2 pun she mcm biasa.. but pelik gak kan... she actually didnt sms me after the date.. mcm something bad happen...

apa2 pun.. i heard from my auntie... that.. semasa arwahnya meninggal, ayahnya meinggalkan harta yg byk.. so she gets a piece... dari situ mereka menjadi kaya..

dgr tu... saya sedar saya ditinggalkan kerana.. dia sudah kaya dan tinggalkan me yg tak de duit atau harta mcm dia.. tau la dia ada RMXXX,XXX dlm account dia...

so masa tu saya masih terima dia... walaupun cousin dah nasihatkan hati2... anyway i slowly lupakan dia.. n tgk gambar satu awek cun dari gannu ni (my crush la, she is HOT) ... so as time passes by... Puan R call.. dia kata anaknya akan study di universiti ni.. dan apa2 masalah leh go to me.. also she said this "Aiman, take care of my daughter k, i trust u,"

auntie kata mcm tu.. ku janji.. tapi si xgf aku masih tak contact... n then i manage to add her in friendster after she inform dia nak tukar number hp...

i ada tanya kenapa tak reply my sms n angkat my calls.. tau apa dia jawab ??

"Since when you call n sms me???"

dgr tu dah broken hearted but anyway i left her... dgn kecewa n sedih.. sbb she dah tak kisah pasal me.. tau la dia kaya kan.. aku ni ada apa... i sedar mak dia pun dah jarang contact maybe sbb malu kot...

syg, tapi masa tu... tgk la fs dia.. penuh dgn gambar kwn2 dia yg mmg KAYA !!!

pastu keluar malam byk kali....

dia dah byk berubah... ku tak tau la...

apa2 pun i left her, i found out dia ada bf... maybe bf yg baik than me... but soon tinggalkan dia after he hurt her badly... n that time she came back to me.. n minta me to teman her (teman bual handphone la)... i did n i was stupid not listening to my frens who told me... "she is taking advantage over u, she kalau ada problem akan cari u la.. sbb u je yg jenis dia leh tell her probs.."

apa2 pun... she repeated the same thing.. maybe i mmg bodoh masa tu...

but i forgot about her bila dah ada penganti masa tu... mmg sedih la..

we nearly got engaged but failed =(


saya found out... Xgf saya akan berkahwin tak lama lagi...

sbbnya dia dah pregnant dgn anak bf baru dia... jadi dia terpaksa berkahwin also perut buncitnya tak leh lari dari pandangan ramai..

kwn2 sekelasnya mengejek perutnya also tanya bila kahwin n keadaan perutnya...

sedih saya dgr.. sbb maknya baik... i was like.. pity the mother.. also i rasa sad kerana i cant take care of her... u know jaga dia daripada terjerat dgn benda mcm ni..

many my frens said "aiman u tak bersalah.. u mmg nak jaga dia.. tapi dia yg tak nak u jaga dia also dia tak nak berkwn dgn u.. so dia yg salah not u.."

tapi i still rasa mcm bersalah...

maybe nak blame kwn2 dia yg super kaya tu.. sbb pergaulan sosial dia terlampau bebas bila masuk uni ini... also saya kenal sgt2 kwn dia yg satu n dua tu..

maybe blame uni yg dia study tu... sbb uni tu famous dgn perkara maksiat.. n maksiat begitu berleluasa.. sampai ada kwn bagi tau.. mmg tak safe kalau ada di situ... saya pun ada kenalan di sana yg ada jual body.. also kalau anda sedar byk video lucah dari uni tersebut.

saya rasa bersalah.. sbb tak menjadi laki idamannya juga mengelak dia daripada melakukan perkara tak senonoh ini...

apa2 pun i doakan for you both a happy family also anak awk sihat...

to my xgf... i know i am sorry for everything.. i tau i am a not a nice rich guy.. maybe u read this blog you would say i ni teruk or whatsoever.. apa apa pun.. i am sorry n i pray u will have a happy family..

btw ada POLL n tolong undi k !!!! ----->


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