Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old Spice Available in Malaysia

Craving for Old Spice???

No not Rempah Lama or Old Spices.... i am talking about the old Men Grooming brand which is Old Spice...

Yes, Old Spice which became famous in youtube !!!

my fav Old Spice Commercial Swagger !!

u can get them in Malaysia !!

but sadly on certain places..

places you can get is at

- Village Grocer (Bangsar Village and Giza Kota Damansara)
- Cold Storage (if u are lucky)

Why Old Spice???

well i know Old Spice when i saw Tony Stewart with his previous Sponsor Old Spice on his Nascar car.. before all this crazy manly commercial came out..

Tony Stewart

After that day, i want to look for Old Spice.. but i know Malaysia do not sell this kind of stuff..

until one day my fav Barber uses Old Spice shaving cream.. so i tried to find it at Mydin but i felt awkward on mydin even after the bad incident which happen.

somehow what was sold in Mydin was not worth it..

until one day, i found it at Village Grocer. WOw i cannot believe it, Old Spice.. so i bought the Swagger brand which was very nice indeed.. it give confidences just like the commercial would say.

*Old Spice Swagger gift set ooo my dream

Anyway Old Spice now is under P&G and rivals with Unilever's AXE !!!

yes u get me AXE.. i wanted to get AXE but Axe was not to convincing compare to Old Spice..

but it get more mysterious when the one on Mydin is really different from the one in Village Grocer, why??

well this is something u should know..

there is Old Spice from P&G US..

also Old Spice from Shulton India

here is the Indian Old Spice logo

if u are looking for the Indian Old Spice, try some Indian shops or Mydin or Hanifa or some mini market. How i know?? well a small shop in Penang told me about it n I am sure this man is an Old Spice user.


UPDATED MARCH TODAY: HANIFFAH also sells American Old Spice

Overall both of them are great !!! seriously !!! both US n India (anyway i am using both of them)

if u may said that Old Spice is a new product, well no it is not..

Old Spice was around in Malaysia in the old days, maybe grandfathers or ur father may have use it once... bcoz it was the only best men's products b4 all this weird ones came out !!!

n can still remember the old spice quote which i think is true !!!

If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.

here are some old school video of old school video of OLD SPICE

a Classic Old Spice Commercial starring Matthew Perry or Chandler's father

so try Old Spice for a change !!!!

p/s: wait a sec, if i stay in Japan?? how I am going to get my Old Spice?? like this i have to buy a lot in Malaysia b4 staying there or go to California n buy there !!


  1. harga dia berape? nak beli jugak...

    1. Zurinareen: yg mana nak tau?? depends la.. be safe RM50.. tapi worth it la sbb tahan lama.. longest i use one dlm 3 to 4 months

  2. Zurinareen: yg mana nak tau?? depends la.. be safe RM50.. tapi worth it la sbb tahan lama.. longest i use one dlm 3 to 4 months

  3. thank you for the info... i've been searching for it quite some times too....

  4. hi, been looking for this but cannot find in Village Grocer. Where can i buy this?

    1. Try Cold Storage and where do you live?

      VIllage Grocer always out of stock for Old Spice recently so be fast or ask the shop person, there was once i ask the person said stock not yet arrived

  5. how often do they stock up on old spice at village grocer or cold storage? i live in klang so it will be quite the journey to go there and come back empty handed

    1. Hello sir Ivan.

      That one i am not sure, but which old spice are u looking for?

      deodorant? *still many on the shelves

      body spray *sold out most of the time.

      soap *sold out and not many variety

      i would recommend Cold Storage since they are now selling it (I live near One Utama and Ikano and both of them have Old Spice at their Cold Storage)

    2. Hey drifter

      thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Was looking for their antiperspirant and their body wash the BO Blocker ones but thanks for the heads up bout Cold Storage i will head there to find it.

      By the way how much is their product? deodorant, body spray and body wash?

    3. u are welcome, price range around RM25 to RM50

      after shave lotion is the most expensive one (if not mistaken RM48 per bottle).

      sadly not many of their products around especially BO Blocker. Try After Hours which has a nice strong smell.

      I am also looking for their hand and body wash.

  6. hi.. my husband is looking for the body wash only. yup, saw in cold storage for everything else except body wash! i live in ampang, but i cld go to village grocer bgsr or wherever - shouldnt be an issue.

    do update this blog if anyone of u sees the body wash ok!

    1. I dont know why recently Cold Storage lacks on the body wash.

      last time they had the After Hours and Aqua Blue and Green Bodywash.

      Maybe it is sold out fast, yes i will try update it when i get the information

  7. Hi drifter,
    I came across your blog after searching high and low for a proper grocery store which does indeed sell this wonderful product. If you dont mind, I would like to know whether those places you mention still do sell this wonderful product?

    Thanks a lot drifter =)

  8. Hi drifter,
    Ive been on the lookout for old spice products in malaysia and I came across your blog by chance, I hope you dont mind me asking but do they still sell old spice in village grocer in bangsar village?
    Thanks a lot man =)

    1. Well, recently since many love the Old Spice product. They Sold Out like hot cakes.

      If you cannot find in Village Grocer, try Cold Storage, Cold Storage do have Old Spice !!

      Mostly on sale now are Body Spray, Deodorant and After Shave.

      Cologne and Body Wash are no more on sale..

  9. Im looking old spice swagger... Finally where can I get It ?

    1. sorry for the late reply.

      Swagger is one of the hardest Old Spice product to find, last i saw was at Cold Storage GE Mall at Jalan Ampang



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