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Makan-Makan Review: Kanki Sushi

DISCLAIMER: This is soldly on my review, if it is offensice plz try n dont flame me over the small matters.

today i want to review you this Sushi bar or small restaurant called Kanki Sushi at One Utama !!

the reason i review is bcoz a good fren of mine who i call Cikgu Neorul was blogging about her sushi recipe

also i did made a small review of this place here

so well lets say it was my 3rd time at Kanki Sushi, 1st was b4 Ramadhan, 2nd was on a Friday and later on Sunday again..

How i started to know this shop.. well.. lets say after a few times i notice this shop but i am unsure of it's halal-ness also hangout with my mates (Haikal n Suraya), will always go to the same shop that was Yoshinoya.. Yoshinoya was one Halal place for good beef bowl but sadly it was close not only in One Utama but in KLCC as well (not sure about others). Hachi-Ramen One Utama was also closed... (a rumour said that it will open again in KLCC)

sadly those are can say Malay owned or Malay worked Japanese Restaurants or easy Halal..

so as one day i waited for my auntie at the taxi stand, i notice that kanki sushi do have Malay workers.. so try here why not??

1st day, that was b4 Ramadhan, i looked at the place.. nice small concept but sadly no one was there.. maybe 2 or 3 people (n their rival neighbour is Sushi King). Btw dont get me wrong.. this is how Japanese small restaurants are.. small n cozy.. they are not big or huge or something like Sushi King. How about the small stand up fast food Japanese restaurant?? if u know what i mean?? something like street hawkers...

this is Japan, small n compact... so as i came in i looked on the price.. quite reasonable.. they offered me sushi well.. MYR1 per-piece on selected sushi which is writen on a piece of paper with a minumum of 6 pieces.. well on i was crazing to try Ramen bcoz my girlfriend is craving for one, she asked me to find a good place for ramen as i read many reviews on Ramen stalls in Malaysia mostly are non halal n not good also the good Halal ones are close...

so I ordered Chicken Ramen.

and of course in any Japanese Restaurant i will order Miso Soup !!!

so far the Miso was excellent with chucks of Tofu which was a miss in many restaurants..

The Chicken Ramen was great, i love the noddles n the stock used in this.. no mirin inside (Mirin is not halal)

the sushi was tempting as i heard from a member n some reviews that the sushi made are FRESH !!!

ok day 2... i went there with Haikal n Suraya.. bcoz we didnt meet for so long also guess what Yoshinoya is close so the only way for them to get a beef bowl is at Kanki Sushi which they serve beefbowl but i am not sure if it is good than yoshinoya..

so Suraya n Haikal was there to try as well... so we saw the lunch set the owner i guess opened the shop door n introduce us... he even took the order as well...

Now that's a good owner !!!! not like some owners who cares about money n not looking at business or sorry to say this... i remembered one old Malay bastard who brags over young Malaysian Malay CEO who cares for the company to show some presentation.. about some products.. instead that old bastard never contributed in his company n only plays golf (sorry for the offtopic).. does he knows CEO who cares or finds his flaws are better compare to the ones who sits down n dont do his job??

ok, back to topic... well that time was a busy momment but the owner didnt mind.. what we saw was... MANY FRESH SUSHIS were made.. in front of ours eyes.. i am not sure maybe for some party or function ???

Gosh it was soo beautiful n of course fresh (the smell of fresh sushi is different n trust me, rite cik Nurul u made fresh sushi so u also may know it)..

well i didnt tempted to buy the sushi.. i just bought the sets which were cheap n great... Suraya n Haikal also bought that but i thought they may want some which looks like the one in yoshinoya??

I bought my set

ok, so far the food was great.. i love the vinaigrette used on the salad.. damn nice.. portions are small but no big deal.. not small gak average la... The set we bought comes with a free drink and miso soup..

ok day 3, i met an old fren after a long time.. well we are not at the same college.. also there was a performance by a singer there..

so i went there to try the sushi.. well starting was tough bcoz i dont like raw sushi..

i manage to order with my fren, my fren ordered the set and i order 6 packs of sushi n miso n WOW to my expectation... the sushi was nice indeed !!!!

kudos !!!!

ok my fren was looking at the menu n she was shocked about the part where there was a section of the pic where the sushi shows 6 pieces but they sell 4 pieces for MYR11... she asked me, are they trying to cheat or something.. i dont know but the pic of that sushi was small.. n then out of nowhere the sushi that my fren was talking about came to us... i was shocked bcoz we didnt ordered that n we only talked about it.. n actually was the chinese couple who ordered it.. they both have a sushi eating spree or happily eating sushi while dating.. actually what shocked me was... u know why it was 4 pieces ?? bcoz that sushi was HUGE !!! get me HUGE !!!

it was the HUGE set n that's why it was MYR11 !!!!!!


great food for a good price !!!

well here is my stars review

9 out of 10 stars

Positive side
- Great fresh food
- authentic Japanese food
- Japanese style shop

- Sometimes the services are slow

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