Monday, October 12, 2009

new leaf, new life, new journey

Well sorry la i tak update... well for many reasons... one was i was bz with work n all... 2nd cant wait to go to a new sem...

well today was suppose to go to a charity event do some charity work but si sombonk did not reply a message regarding on this matter also she was too busy maybe staying away from me but worst to worst not answering any of the sms-es as she uses bills... tried to be frens.. but she didnt want to..

tak pe la.. forget about her...

yes, now i have entered a new sem.. a new life.. so i have to go on.. n do not give up... everything must be changed for the best.

so if u miss my blogs.. i hope u all can wait for this weekend..

too all my frens n maybe foes.. thanx n sorry for everything...

insya-Allah i will update n what happen last month...

thanx to my frens who was around giving me support to go on... also not to give up in life..

also thanx to a special fren of mine for understanding me n being with me everytime when i am down or need a hand but i hope ur bad habits are gone... =P

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