Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why are not kind hearted ???


A big signboard which no idiots follow lately !!!

I wanted to pose about this long time ago. I want to know why are we not kind hearted???

I mean we are Malaysians are nice people but why now we turning into inconsiderate people.

I posted this topic for all of us to remembered and bear in mind about it also one day we will happen to be in the position of the person who i am going to talk.

The story is like this.

I was home from Bukit Bintang after a long journey picking up my frens XBOX 360. I was so tired and the weather that day was so hot that your skin will burn.

I waited for the LRT to arrive, so at that time i saw an old man with heavy luggage also want to enter the LRT. He looks like a person from an area far away. He is alone n he is old maybe in his late 50-ies or 60-ies.

As i saw him, we entered the train together. I saw the train was packed both front n back so i looked at the old man so i know he will get a seat.



guess what happen ???

all the douchebags in the LRT didnt even give this old man a seat.. he all looked like some dickheads who dont even care. In the train that time i can remember, some malay after work bitches n some of them on the phone, some Malay men who were sitting there looking around like an idiot. And then there were the Chinese who only cares taking the seats ASAP after some people who are also trying to get one!!

that time fuck the africans bcoz they dont even care.. they looked like they dont care... seriously my Sudan n Botswana fren will help them compare to those niggers !!

surprisingly there are no indians near there so i think if there is one sure they will give a seat to that old man.

I was so angry that time bcoz i pity the old man.. i mean look at him !!

he is old, he is tired.. can u see or feel it?

ok he is an old chinese man.. ok LOOK !!!

Chinese get me?? i didnt see any Chinese man or woman who help him... it makes me think weirdly bcoz i know a chinese man will help another chinese men.. but this is totally stupid..

ok I am a MALAY !!! get me !!!

n i want to help this man !!!

i dont care if he was a chinese, indian, jew or whatsoever.. but he is an old man who needs a seat badly !!!

ok, n then there was a seat vacant by an asshole who wants to go to his destination..

now my mind goes furious.. i ran, i pushed the people just to fight for that seat.. let them say bad about me.. let them give me that stare !! i dont care.. is for that poor old man !!!

luckily thank god i had the Malay Mail newspaper at my hand.. i threw the newspaper at that seat n a guy saw me.. with my angry stare.

i told him in Malay,


it really scare the shit out of him !!

then i went to the old man... i pat his back n say out loud so that every dumpasses and asshole in the train can listen !!!

"Uncle, do you need a seat???"

this is what happen !!!



after i said that then u want to give a seat ????

damn... mereka semua terasa...

serve u rite, if u felt guilty !!!

the old man took the seat...

ok, after reach my station.. i didnt know the old man also wants to head to Kelana Jaya.. he came to me n pat on my back n said "Thank you, young man,"

this incident never happen to me once but many times.. lets flashback if not mistaken i was heading somewhere.. that time at the LRT station..

i use my touch n go n b4 i entered i realise there was a long queue around 30 or 50 maybe??

so i use the alternate road but surprisingly u know why there was a long a queue??

i saw a man.. who uses the normal LRt ticket like he is using the touch n go but it didnt work n even give a beap... he was confused n panicked..

i saw that... n told the man.. this card is not Touch N Go, this card is the one to insert in the slot n remove it...

he thanked me... n manage to enter the LRT.. n guess what the people who was behind him not helping him then came n ask him where is he heading?? since he doesnt know how to use..

damn... why u didnt help him just now??? stupid student !!!

anyway my frens or strangers who read this blog !!

if there is anyone who needs help badly like the old man or the card place.. help with sincere !!

also about the pregnant lady or fat lady.. well just give her the seat will u !! at least they all know that you are a kind person !!

help them the elders bcoz soon we will be like them... n also we need to show this as a role model to our future kids.. they must know !!!

n how do we want to learn respect, if we can do this simple deeds !!!

come this is for our own good !!!


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  3. to the ones who comment...

    kalau ur grandparents yg nak seat so badly ??

    what u do ?? ignore ke???

  4. ramai je yg cmtu awk..
    x prihatin lgsg..
    sy plg ksian tgk klu wanita dukung baby, diorg x kasi duduk..
    geram tol~



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