Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baseball oh Baseball

sorry for not posting lately i am bz...

since i am also a fan of cars n drifting.. i do love BASEBALL !!!!

Jonathan Papelbon of Boston Red Sox

Baseball has been a sport i love long ago but sadly in Malaysia, this sport was giving less attention also to make things interesting only certain school are doing this sport. Government are soo like keen n asking us to exercise but they themselves are not helping us in giving a sport facility in our country instead they want to build it in UK or to make it a bit interesting they want to not do anything to the current sport facilities we have... do u all wonder where all the money for sports go ???

looks at Mr. Berry with a death stare !!!!!

ok skip the government part but lets go to my topic about baseball..

hmm, i am bz with college so i was thinking of going to batting cage to play baseball.. it has been long since i played there... but i do go there for some items..

damn... i want to play.. it soo badly... also if can i cant wait for a car..

why ???

bcoz i need transport to go and join training with the boys in a baseball team.. if can i want to join the MALB (Malaysia League Baseball)

of course the 1st is to go to training done by the boys from the batting cage at One Utama..

or join another team which i dont know who to contact except the boys from the batting cage.

i seriously want to join a baseball team n play for the country.. who knows i will be in MLB helping my nephew.. beside i was his coach b4 he enters the MLB juniors.

sad, to join the team i need transport... of course i need one !! lately i dont have one.. also my sister is making some stupid fuzz.... if she really want to pay then pay for my car not making some stupid reasons to delay my car...

insya-Allah i hope i get it... there is 101 good reasons why i want a car.. anyway i pray that my bros can get a good job..

btw come to One Utama batting cage for a baseball experience !!!

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