Friday, February 12, 2010

Cinereviews: Adnan Sempit


also this is based on my review n opinions..

i was suppose to watch a crappy malay movie with my gf (will comment about those movies)...

she told me.. we will watch Adnan Sempit...

well from the pic looks like a ripoff n the 1st trailer sucks !!

anyway bcoz she beg me but i was like worried maybe she want to watch that crappy twin movie.. but she begged me so i went with her n watch it...

i hope it was not boring... anyway i will sms my frens, if the show sucks..

ok.. after buying the ticket, we went to kinokuniya n then we had lunch... n we talked n yes, we had no time for the movie n i manage to finish my lunch for 15 to 20 minutes ?

ok, watch at the cinema.. no popcorn or drink... n watched.. ok no crappy advert.. n then the movie start with a PG13 rating..

the movie started off.. a guy an average joe.. who is a rempit who is not a rempit.. can say a wannabe..

but anyway the movie gets interesting in the middle.. about some planned bf n gf thingy with some relationship n fights n laughter...

from the karaoke old man n misused english which i guess was a parody of our Malaysian movie subtitles. This movie has many parodies n stuff which u will laugh..

anyway this movie it is more like a mix of Japanese n Korean influence with Malaysian originality.. like classic old malaysian movies.

anyway this movie wont disappoint u..

my stars i give this 7.5 out of 10.. bcoz it can still improve also it is up to u to decide it is good or bad..

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  1. I accidentally saw the movie on the first day it came out.. sebab mase tu nak tengok sherlock holmes tapi penuh~ so my friend ajak tgk (dah la tix mahal, citer melayu je pun). but then i kind of enjoyed the movie.. not too bad. scene paling best mase dia kantoikan mamat yang suh mat rempit curi proposal girl tu kat datuk tu la..haha.



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