Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tech-kie April month or week

As the topics says, lately there is been something kinda tech-kie...

i dont know how to start but it is kinda funny...

1st we start of with.. all this transfering data from disket to pendrive, yes last time i use disket to keep data... which was stupid but that time pendrive was not out or maybe pricey maybe around RM500 or more ???

then i cant remember, something about Nasa that impresses me to kinda want to work there !! maybe bcoz watching the planets too much !!! hey if cannot NASA, i still got JAXA (JAPAN), ESA, CSNA or errrr Russian Aerospace.. looking at NASA working stats not bad but must be an American.. no worries bcoz i have an American PR.. Siapa tau i will be the next astronaut to go to Space, but of course i will carry my duty not go there n not do teh tarik or play yoyo n gasing..

i can remember on my email, i received an email from my course-coordinator regrading on 2 training courses one sponsored by the government and another one sponsored by college... looks damn tempting, i want to join both bcoz one is free n the paying one.. must find a way !!

later this happens.. the government dont want to sponsor one of the courses so it was kinda dissapointed bcoz that course actually helps the government to built and make more great IT grads, i wonder what's on their head lately ???

the other course was my target course since b4 but the price was too high for me, i dont know what to do.. must think of a way to join this course as the original price is more expensive than that bitch who bought or spend her daily life in Japan !!!

then my young lecturer inform me to join this IT competition so that when i win, i will train n compete in Poland... wow.. good but my timing is not RIGHT !! later she inform me that college is making a new club to collect IT students !!

Then IT club was opened.. n the secrets of microsoft is out !! so i manage to take the advantage that microsoft gave us... dont be surprised if u see my PC has a millions of Lisence Microsoft Products !!

Then my lecturer told me to come morning for the Microsoft Speech !

I was like... WHAT ?? morning.. org nak tidur but then my Oman fren told me to come bcoz we have to study for the test.. then i went i listen i saw YES... all the microsoft stuffs !!!

Project Natal
- Where u dont need a controller n follow ur actions, more virtual reality and more interactive !!! imagine u talk n play with ur family !!! more like real life !!

what impress me was..

BingMaps !!
- maps of real time on 3D !!! beats the crap of google maps !!! got combination of pics in flickr to make into one beautiful real time pic !!!! can even see the universe if u are too bored !!! No wonder Bill Gates became 2nd richest in the world from his old 1st position!!

After a few of their products n Microsoft new marketing strategies.. comes the Q&A part.. here it gets interesting bcoz i am an IT person well more towards Linux n Mac applications n OS.. i asked the Microsoft Person.. regarding on COLLABORATION.. i asked "Since you said Collaboration between IT companies, will there be a possiblity where Microsoft, Apple and Linux collaborate together??"

Bcoz see here, Microsoft has always been making propriety software, Apple makes software different than others n Linux has been like a collecting data n ideas from both sides making them one powerful software and we see none have a make a software for each other to co-operate or collaborate. Do u see a Ms Word software for Linux ??

both sides are not cooperating... anyway the microsoft guy was.. surprised i asked him that, he thought maybe i will ask them regrading on project natal or microsoft software and not the importants of the Computing World??

He answered confidently which i was impress.. he said many are unaware that Microsoft has finally made decision to make some free codes available for process. So it seems microsoft has join the open source party !!! that's a wise move !!

ok that's good, n then he showed off his ZUNE HD and i was honoured to hold n try Zune HD.. awesome SHIT !!!!!!!

entah la.. dah byk tech-kies lately.. nanti i cite k, bye !!! salam !!

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