Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 Ringgit shop ?!

b4 we go on reading lets read this bitch's posting from her secret blog !!

she was angry regarding on the fuel hike that is happening in the world. She is angry that her toilet paper cost her too much !!!!

one thing, why the fuck would u be angry when u are living in Japan, obviously cost of LIVING is HELL EXPENSIVE especially in Japan !!!

one thing that bugs me, does this bitch knows about Daiso ?? or any of this 100 yen shops ???

in Japan it is a big hit for this kind of shops due to it's cheap price...

ok skip about her, and lets go back to topic.. i know one RM5 shop was called Hinode and Hinode only sells souvenirs and female products.. anyway i bought my aroma therapy there bcoz it is cheap n good !!!

1st was 100-Yen shop which was shown by blogger MamaFiza when she when going out with her lovely kids. click here

i found one in a location which was badly located near my place, at Aman Suria... i went there n wow not bad for the stuff there but i was sad with the Miso which was non-Halal bcoz of the Alcohol content...

months or i think years later.. here is where i got to know about Daiso (my fav shop).. I cant remember much the conversation but i know my fren Suraya told me.. that she hangout with NERD n saw Daiso...

i asked her.. WTF is a Daiso ??

then she told me... Aiman !! Daiso the RM5 shop from the Curve...

again i was like... I never know about Daiso k !!

so she told me... everything about it..

bcoz i was curious, i checked out Daiso at the curve !!!

cant remember what i was doing there??

i was shock with all the japanese quality items for RM5 !!!

great eh ?? so i bought this pepper grinder which my sister throw away years back...

anyway Daiso is a shop which sells all this items from kitchen n all for RM5 !! yes !! RM5 !!!

something like kedai RM2 la !! but Japanese products !!!

anyway i tak tau apa nak cite lagi la.. but i love this shop !! so awesome !!!


  1. @Intan

    entah la, dia giler tak tau nak spend... patut la dia kata dia org susah di sri hartamas.. dah sbb harga sana mahal so tak biasa beli yg murah...

    btw, kak Intan hati2 kalau minah NX serang blog awk !!

  2. Hi dear wonderful Sir Secret Drifter >_<

    Thank you for your generosity, visiting our family's humble blog.

    You owned great blog here, sublime article, please keep it up. All the best in your future journey. God blessed ^_-

    mamafiza >O<



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