Monday, June 21, 2010

Kisah lama di blog lama : Congrats Tony Stewart

1st sorry i didnt post anything n damn TMNET streamyx sbb down due to Radius Failure... damnit 2 days already....

ok, congrats to one of my favourite NASCAR racer of all time...

Mr. Tony Stewart.

Tony Stewart finally made his 1st win in Pocono Raceway. He was the 1st year for being an owner and winner to win at Pocono after Ricky Rudd...

b4 he raced at Pocono Speedway, he won the ALL-Star Race in Lowes Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina.

I would to love congrat him on his ultimate success in NASCAR... of course i am a big fan of him after the late Dale Earnhardt or Intimidator.

I am soo happy also tired after watching this live on9 b4 tmnut when down... it was at 3am... manage to sleep at 5am..

Click to enlarge it

Stewart was one of my favourite racer... I cant imagine he finally made a win.. I wanted Stewart to Win the NASCAR Sprint cup series n crush on Jimmie Johnsons winning streak. No not i hate Jimmie Johnson but i want like a more competitative race. Also Tony is using a backup car which was not lets say 100% ready n competative to race also i know he was on a fuel gamble in the final laps of the race. To pit or not... I was happy Tony made in to the Checkered flag !!

To make things interesting, Tony Stewart is also an owner.. it's his 1st year of being an owner of the racing team which he just bought. He bought over Haas Racing Team n change the name to Stewart-Haas Racing Team. He had a wonderful time racing with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) and of course his final year with JGR was to drive a Toyota Nascar with was kinda not competative at all..

Haas Racing will be in USF1 next year !!!

Tony when he was with JGR

Tony Stewart NOW when he bought over Haas Racing.

His old Monte Carlo

Chevy Impala SS Car of Tomorrow (COT)

Toyota COT, last car to drive

New car number 14

I was happy Stewart bought over Haas Racing not only to add experience but to make friendships in racing closer as Haas Racing was also getting technical and help from Hendricks Racing. Yes, Hendricks Racing the most experienced n winning team in NASCAR. Because of their good friendship Stewart also drive part time with Hendricks Racing. He has a team mate in his new form racing team. It was Ryan Newman who is also my fav Nascar racer and instructor in one Nascar PS2 game which i bought years ago. I was happy when i heard Ryan Newman will join this new Racing team. What a wonderful team Tony has done.. the sad thing was sponsorship bcoz no more Orange Home Depot also no more Subway Sandwiches and no more number 20... New sponship includes Burger King =D, Office Depot, Old Spice, Coke, Askar Dajjal... yes US ARMY... btw talking about friendship Stewart doesnt grudge or hate them after races.

Stewart is a one of the great Nascar racer indeed. Even he is hot headed but he is a nice and humble racer. I prefer him over Harvick bcoz Harvick.. well find out yourself. How I started being a fan of Tony ??? It was sooo long ago.. i wish i could tell here but i will tell on my next posting bcoz the internet line just sucks...

My Tony Stewart Initial D parody
video not available

Tony Stewart (BULLSHIT)

Tony Stewart on a cover of NASCAR 08
*this is where it all begin

After Tony Stewart won the race in Pocono... i watched as the newscaster interviewed him.. he said a something n i quote it... which is true !!

"It is a little different when it is your own," - Tony Stewart

I agree with you Tony... WHY ??

Sbb tu i tak beli PS3 2nd hand... or Camera 2nd hand.... when it is your own the full enjoyment is there.. 2nd hand is bcoz some one already use it n u bought it even it is yours but the original was still the 1st person who bought it.
*One of my fren tu jgn terasa k... plz.. this is my quote not to flame anyone n it is for me

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