Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sedih sgt2

Dimulakan dgn posting lama ini dibuat pada 5 April 2009, hari Ahad !!

ini posting-nya

digalakan baca semasa lepas berbuka !!!! sbb posting lama ni FOOD PORN !!!


GUess what... we planned to make a dual birthday lunch.. both me n Suraya... so as i planned we all kumpul and eat at Nacho Nacho Kota Damansara...

well i invited Dahnia to come bcoz she was too busy also she was sad that her father is not feeling well.. so to make her happy n cheerful we invited her...

Anyway she comes in the end.. so we waited for her.. go places.. showed Giant to Haikal n Suraya, but to make things sad n funny... Suraya told me to meet her n her bro at.. Jco Donut.. as my x dumped me over a donut..

so Suraya laughed.. n Haikal gave me his advices again but i made it funnier..

Anyway when Suraya was looking at her dream keyboard.. i got a call from my fren.. Miss Intan n she is at Sunway Pyramid.. n syg i invited her to join but she cant come.. segan n tak tau jalan...

ok Dahnia arrived also i dont know why the antarabangsa crap was there??

Ok.. so we went into Nacho-nacho.. They gave us the menu n we choose.. wow many stuff here good food n good value..

the layout was small n simple but it was nice.. i liked it.. Music well dont expect much...

Here is the simple menu

anyway we ordered our food..

Our Nachos..

I got my Strawberry Margarita n of course no Alcohol.. the best drink ever !!!!

This is Dahnia's quesadilla

Haikal's Combo Fajita

Suraya's Chicken something

n my 3 Amigos.. a mix of 3 things

N Suraya's Mashed Potato n wow.. HUGE !!

In the end... i ordered Desert.. it was mudpie oreo n guess what.. i kinda felt cheated.. why ??

in the internet or website showed it was small but actually IT WAS SUPER HUGE !!!!


Wow i was super HAPPY !!! bcoz... imagine... BERBALOI babe.. in the end we finished all our food

Verdict ???


10/10 !!!!!!

why ?? Great food like chilies !!! (actually taste nicer than Chilies n TGIF)

Price is super reasonable and cheaper !!!

location ???

Kota Damansara Giant, MACC Shah Alam and KLIA (2010 KLIA dah takde)

p/s: Nanti i show pasal some malaysian products fair..


kenapa saya bawa topic lama dari blog lama???

kisahnya menyedihkan, kedai Restaurant Mexican ni akhirnya telah ditutup di Giant Kota Damansara =(

sedih bila nampak kedai tu ditutup, kedai ni mmg sedap !!

dah la HALAL !! Murah dan Sedap !!

tak tau apa nak kata lagi =(

byk sgt kenangan di sini...


  1. laaaaa kenapa dah tutup . u buat entry ni terus icadang nak makan sana . permanently tutup or what ?

  2. buka sbb nak cite pasal the place.. sadly dah tutup...

  3. Dear God!! That place is now down?! ........ It was a fine place...



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