Friday, March 16, 2012

Review movie: Cars 2

This movie is based on my opinion and hate. So dont be a smartass and start bashing me !!

Alhamdulillah, i will be blogging in english today bcoz i did not blog in english for sometime. Yes informal english bcoz this is my blog not my grammar school or formal writing.

1st I would say Alhamdulillah to one of my bestie for giving me a copy of Blu-Ray Cars 2. I wanted to watch Cars 2 but did not have the time. So now i could and enjoy it on Blu-Ray.

Somehow Cars 2 was not as good as i expected. It is more like Disney paid Pixar to make like a FULL AMERICAN movie. Why??

well I dont see any values like the 1st movie, all I see is some hating, bashing, crashing, trashing piece of shit.

Yes i do take movies seriously (many frens notice that) which makes me get a good point of the show and originality. This is nothing to do with that crazy humour Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah which i believe going to be a trilogy.

Cars 2 lacks values and story points based on the 1st movie. I think maybe Joe Ranft past away causing the plots to be awkward and Steve Jobs not feeling well which makes the QC of pixar being bad?

John Lassenter is a great person, how can he should flop such a thing?

what are the values lack?

well 1st is McQueen, he was always the attraction of the show but 2nd they wanted Mater to be the main character. Mater is always the comic relief character. Somehow in this movie, Mater was given the idiot character in the series also McQueen is like not recovered from his bad attitude. He from a sick annoying brag idiot (like some dudette blogger =P ) into a nice guy but in Cars 2 he is still that brag guy, arrogant prick... until his no 2 comes in and starts brag. (from a dudette to a sick I am not shy to be arrogant bastard )

another one is the stereotyping of Americans. Most noticable is Lewis Hamilton the famous F1 racer who is black given a black car. How racist can that be?? McLaren MPC4 original colour is orange and bcoz Hamilton is Black u gave him black? that is offensive just like Power Rangers where the black guy gets black ranger n the Asian gets the yellow ranger.

Again showing Italians are braggers regarding on their sports cars. I thought french are the ones who brag. But they made this for their hate towards F1 Ferrari team. Yes, Ferrari !!

Again, Nascar beats F1 !! LOL !! Lighting McQueen nascar VS Francesco F1... again.. ooo i forgot.. McQueen is no more Nascar, he is a SuperGT GT300 car?? why?? he has lights (no stickers like Nascar) and quite famous in Japan.. yes no kidding.. this is proof taken by me !!

And then again, making old classic cars as the bad guys. I still dont get the point of it. They call em Lemons which means ur old car are lemons and plz dispose them !! WTF?!

hey if i got a great Proton Saga, u just want me to trash? WTF?!

A smart guy here made his old Saga into new one..

also u want me to throw away my AE86 bcoz it is LEMON? WTF?!

if u want LEMON.. well i can say Electronics are the real LEMONS nowadays?? why?

Well onces your electronics are damaged, fixing it is like buying a new one?? Capishe?

now that's LEMON to me !!

again America hates Russia plot.. when can u guys stop?

overall the movie kinda lacks what cars was.. no value and nothing.. kids yes they will watch it for the humour and not understanding what it is.. also the plot is more a james bond like... i mean come one?? spy thingy?

are people of Pixar out of ideas?? I pray u guys can get better ideas or end up on what happen to Apple in 1996..

well that's all...

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  1. still cant believe transport can talk and fall in love!! how a male car make love with other female car? awkward...simple logic...
    wth rite, it just a childish-adult level movie...



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