Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Adverts

I remembered after i got my results... the TV started to show stupid adverts to marketise they stupid products.. like Pencil or TV or Whatever

I remembered the 17A1 girl who failed in UK n now year 1 in degree was famous in those crappy advert especially Stabilo Pencil n the WORST !! ASTRO !!!

Tell me during her time ASTRO got ?? Tv shows that helps our SPM ??? do they ??

if they do i would be watching it...

i dont believe the nonsence they said that girl was smart bcoz use of that pencil and ASTRO... no logic n dont make sence... bcoz i also used Stabilo also i do watch ASTRO.. anyway stupid advertising..

i prefer advert like this one !!! from Indonesia very nice to show school kids using it.. that crappy oooo i can 17A's bcoz of a Pencil or watch ASTRO.. what a fake !!

talking about Adverts... this is one my fav from US.. b4 the NASCAR race starts

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