Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things have changed

Assalamualaikum, apa khabar??

today i really want to write about this so long ago but i do not have the time or idea or maybe i am too lazy to blog, but i want to tell this story for a long time.

If u read my old blog, i always talk about my Kelantan cousins who always cause trouble to the family. Yes, i admit i was really unhappy with them n try to avoid them.

But lately since i have been more mature, i was thinking there will be a time i will forgive them, i never try to make hate to them.. i try to think to be good.. i know i was harsh n being evil.. but sometimes family is family. Whatever pun it is family right??

b4 i start off with my Kelantan cousins.. i start of with my cousins from the father side.. yes my father's side is more evil than mother's side.. but that day a new family member comes in bcoz my cousin's daughter was getting married n her wedding was on a very bad date since it spoilt my great holidays plans and all..

there was a day my sister invited them for lunch n we manage to met, i was like normal.. sharing stories n we had a few laughs... like nothing happen but most of the time i was not close with my cousin but more towards his children. Well i cant talk much since it is not his topic today. Overall it was Ok..

ok back to my Kelantan cousins.. well last year my Kelantan cousin's husband was sick n terribly ill, it was soo sad that my cousin did not inform us bcoz she said she did not want to put her family members in trouble or maybe she is afraid for the wrongdoings.. but we didnt care... during his funeral, my mom n auntie, sister, n my cousins frens n political rivals came n visit n wish condolences.

*actually to think again, Allah loves my cousin.. even he was evil once but he has repented n Allah loves him. Alhamdulillah, he will never share slander or sins with his bestfren whom i keep a secret bcoz i will be killed or arrested.

so my cousins ni ada dah migrate ke luar negara n ada suami meninggal came to KL, they have a house here. So living here was a little hard but they manage to go through.

I was sad n pity about what happen.. seriously it was never the same again. Not to say that he pastaway i want to say sorry or love them.. but if he is still around I will still do what i do to them today (forgive n forget). Berbaik n berminta maafan or be good to them. Besides he is a nice guy to us.

Anyway, lately they came to my mom's house.. well they are still not punctual (nah late a few minutes who cares) but not worst like Pak Lah who is HOURS LATE !!

so they came n was happy to meet my family n of course my mom... (they love my mom sooo much).. so things were nice, i tried to spend time with them.. we spend time.. slowly.. we spend time together.. like good old days.. so sometimes they come nak visit my mom or my sister call them to ajak makan. There was once i cant spend time.. i have to ciao to Shah Alam for Bon Oduri... but anyway met them again days later..

My cousins yg migrate pun now balik KL n met us. We had a laugh of our lifetime. My that migrated looks like Bobby Flay until people thought he was bobby flay until he had to change his hairstyle.. *his daughter laughed when i asked bcoz she knows her father look exactly like him =P

*fyi, he even brags like Bobby Flay n worst2worst he works in a restaurant !!! =P sorry cuzz

Bobby Flay

we joked many things n he is also a fast leaner.. Alhamdulillah since he is a bit away from politics, he is more learning to his own business without the help of politics like b4 always relying on them. His wife lak, is more successful n matured than b4 !! she is more caution than last time where she believes hoax n all..

but one person i still dont feel not ready yet to forgive nor forget.. it was my cousin's daughter... the.. well now i dont call her that.. but i want to be in a neutral stance now.. not to like or not to hate... bcoz i am not sure with her evil mind.. i have to analys until a decision is made.

The eldest bro who was the most polite person than adik-beradik.. was not here but i met him.. during my visit to Kelantan.. but to make things funny.. he looks like Donnie Wahlberg or Danny from Blue Bloods.. it freaked me out at the airport but anyway i was hoping he could come for raya with his great family.

Donnie Wahlberg

Anyway last we met was last week, many funny things happen.. n LOL to the bongsu boy.. bcoz i knew his when he was a kid n now... faham2 la.. very funny..

apa2 pun.. i forgive the cousins of mine.. maybe raya they will come so i may spend time with them instead of going out (harap2 xde plan during raya).. lagipun my nephew is studying in UK this September.. so he will be living there maybe for a long time... so kena la beraya with all the families..

Alhamdulillah, it is great to be on track.. it is time to be better now !!!

Salam =D

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