Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Congrats to Tony Stewart again !!

Again i wish Tony Stewart Congrats on his victory at Glen !!!!!

I cant believe he had won again on the road race course !!!!

Tony Stewart is still top on the charts but i am not sure about his winning strategy.. Watkins Glenn is one of the hardest track in New York. It is not Oval but a road course. Here is where Road Racers (ala ala x pelumba haram mcm tu la) VS Nascar Regulars competed in this tight competition... Tony Stewart start from 13 n won the race !!

Stewart had 5 victories (including recently la)

I remembered once Jeff Gordon was pressured by Tony Stewart during the last lap n that race was awesome !!

Anyway i would to congrats Tony Stewart, the CREW, Rick Hendrick n Hendrick Motorsports, n everyone who is involve in the race on that day !!!


p/s: cant wait for NASCAR in RAIN !!!!


  1. wow sukanya Aqilah dgn Tony Stewart =P

  2. aiman..i know Tony from u...heee

  3. I know.. mcm mana suka dia???

    sbb nak pikat Ryan Newman ke ?? =P



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