Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me and Kevin Harvick???

I know the title sounds like… weird??

Yes, I am n was not a Harvick Fan !!!

Videos of Harvick fighting

Yes, not a fan of HOT HEADED HARVICK !!!

Tapi one thing la… I rasa I understand him more.. even I am not his fan !

Why ???

Well 1st me and Harvick have a bad year this year.. 2009 !!

Harvick perform badly in Richard Childress Racing this year..

Me well lot of dugaan la…

Pity Harvick bcoz everytime I see Tony race I will see Harvick in pole on 5th or behind or in front of Tony bcoz he is fast n dangerous. Not a person you should race with in Nascar.. he is dangerous.. if u crash on him u cari PASAL la !!!

He will beat you up !!!

Well this year, he was not like last time, A GREAT RIVAL!!!

This year I don’t understand what is RCR planning on him ??

I suspected same thing in Hendricks.. it is like they are setting up something.. u see even this year Dale Jr. didn’t perform well

It seems RCR is eyeing over Dale Jr. than Harvick.. I know Dale Jr. father raced for RCR until his death so they think it is a big advantage for Dale Jr. to come in and be like what his father was.

Dale Jr's father! The late Dale Earnhardt

OK, back to harvick.. last time being Happy n winning now being bad in racing… bad year for him n even me… me well if u read my blog old n new u will know why??
But since me n Harvick both have a bad year together, I am now officially a Harvick fan!!

Why a fan bcoz of bad year… not alsobut I think some of my frens knows this (sorry k, kwn pada this girl).. in facebook I fought will this girl worst to worst kita ni baru kwn… guess what.. she PM-ed me n said this word which shocked me HELL YEAH !

“Wei, Aiman pesal ko ni panas baran tetiba, Ko ni sebijik mcm Kevin Harvick!!!!”

ada in facebook I wrote, someone call me Kevin Harvick.. dia la tu


So ?? Since she call me Kevin Harvick… I mcm.. eh pesal minah ni tau pasal Harvick ni.. tgk my pic kot or baca berita.. also I tgk la berita pasal Harvick.. dah la we shared a same bad year.. that is this 2009!!

Best to best… kalau kita marah or happy.. we do BURNOUTS !!

Harvick is known as KING OF NASCAR BURNOUT!

Minum coke mesti splash !!! (now I tak minum sgt dah)

Suka makan REESE’S chocolate!!

byknya similarities!!! =P

Kevin harvick burnout !

Here is a cute video of Harvick.. thanx to Anthony29fan for making this awesome video !!!

Ok la.. since this rumour spearding that Harvick will enter SHR (Stewart-Haas Racing) that will be good, got great guys n frens there also.. he may get a championship in SHR !!

Good Luck Harvick !!

Kevin Harvick n Wife DeLana Harvick

P/S: Tony Stewart already driven a Toyota NASCAR, I want to see Harvick in one =P

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