Thursday, August 27, 2009

Visiting a fren in the hospital.

Yesterday I visited my best fren in the hospital. He was not feeling well… I tried to visit him this Ramadhan. I visited him.. quite sad bcoz 1st not one of his family was there??

His mom tak datang n quit the jobs for a while ke ?? just for her son?? I know la she visits him on the mrning n night but does she u know cuti a day for him? Anyway nevermind I don’t know the real situation yet.

Father dia mmg bz dgn kerja.. . bcoz mostly men of the house are bz with work for the family..

So I visited him n gave him some few topics to chat on… btw I baru je thinkin about him after I told my nephew who stayed over at my place (Yg kedekut tu la)… pasal my fren ni.. he sanggup share n said

“This PS3, u can play anytime bcoz I trusted u as a true gamer and a best fren,”

Even I was happy with his good offer but still the PS3 is not mine… I also made the same thing to my cousin with my PS2, I told him, “this PS2 is also yours.. u can play your games here,”

I shared with him bcoz he was my childhood cousin n fren.. we grow up together so of course I am not kedekut… I let him play my PS2 lagipun we manage to finish many games together !!

Anyway back to topic,

I asked him (my fren), did any of his frens come.. well… guess what?? I was number 2.. yes! Fren no. 2 to visit him.. at least I cheer him up. We joke around pasal Minah N*****X, he said ada nurse mcm Minah N*****X. He asked me “Hey Aiman, si N**** tu ada kakak ke??”

I replied “Mana ada, dia kan sulong”

He replied “Aku nampak nurse mcm dia DOH!”

I replied “Ye ker, kalau dia mari ku buang benda2 merbahaya kat dia n let her die in the hospital,”

He replied again “Kalau dia sulong then not her la,”

I replied “Kalau dia nurse, I tak caya sbb dia kan International Business n dia kan tak balik lagi dari Japan,”

Well the conversation goes on n on… well lawak la… bcoz we talked about her n her father who was a jakun in Japan. Well tak nak cakap lagi la…

Lagipun my auntie susah nak park at UMMC but I told him.. nanti we meet again n cite again..

I don’t know what I did was wrong or right to visit him.. but one thing I was happy !!

P/S: kwn I ni minta tolong nak apply study to Japan.. I kena gi la 2 weekends from now!


  1. ey, harap ur fren cepat sembuh ok. do visit him regularly, make him happy.

    anyway pity him.

    dan, whos the "nurse" you guys chatted about.

  2. wow aiman...u will further study at japan...nnti lagi senang jumpe babe kat sane..:)

    to kawan aiman...baik cepat2



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