Monday, August 10, 2009

Something for all of us

Since i duk mengutuk Minah N.. sometimes i terfikir... am i that perfect???

i tau Minah N ini can be consider as HARAM POLICE (comment me if u want to know Minah N)

well since i pikir to much... i watched this vid yg diberikan oleh Saudara Islam saya yg muaalaf...

I watched n memahaminya... tapi kan one of my niat to Minah N was guide her not to sesat...

seriously, i think this vid made a serious IMPACT on Minah N sbb dia kan used to kutuk org teruk2 dulu.. but now LESS.. maybe bcoz this vid reminded her or something else happens which i pity her for her past actions...

anyway let us all saudara se-Islam reminds ourselves ok !



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