Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bump Drafting

No there is nothing about Bump Drafting here... but i will tell u what is bump drafting..

Bump drafting is a tactic used in NASCAR races at Talladega Superspeedway and Daytona International Speedway. The technique was initially popularized by the Archer Brothers in the SCCA Sportruck series during the late 1980s. It begins as normal drafting, but the following car pulls up behind the lead car and bumps into the rear of it, pushing the lead car ahead, to maintain momentum.

If done roughly or in the wrong position (e.g. close to the entry of the turn), this tactic can destabilize the handling of the lead car sometimes causing a crash. Use of the tactic in this manner is known as slam drafting. Due to the danger, NASCAR has attempted to limit the bracing on bumpers on cars,disallowed bump drafting in turns, introduced "no bump zones" on certain portions of speedways where this practice is prevalent, and penalized drivers who are too rough in bump drafting.

ok i will make it simple...

bump draft is something where u help a fren who drives a slow car to go faster ahead !!!

here are the pics...

Bump Draft yg tak jadi !!

ok why my topic is bump drafting ??? simple je !!!

I went to One Utama dgn Suraya.. well my mission is to go to post office hantar surat la !!!

so 1st beli la card raya... well di One Utama.. tak variety sgt... so go to MPH... so masa pergi2 n jalan, jalan, jalan, jalan

terjumpa kak Lydia... my senior.. so after a few chat... gi la MPH.. n ada la card yg colourful... so bought it n then gipost office tapi sygnya dah tutup awal... adeh... mereka tutup at 5 sbb nak balik berbuka.. no more 6pm

=( sad face

so i nak gi arcade... anyway dapat la tgk Helmi Gimmick... LOL he is funny !!

n then suraya nak gi ke kedai digi nak beli line digi untuk pergi concert ALL AMERICAN REJECTS !!!

so go arcade b4 we go gi kedai Apple.. tgk Ipod Nano baru dgn camera... wow tapi one thing la... kenapa dia mcm barang murahan je... mcm tak quality lagi... tapi tak pe la.. lagipun i bersyukur dgn my ipod.. also tunggu la nanti ada rezeki beli ipod classic dgn camera n radio.. yg radio feature la i nak.. .sbb nak dgr IT guy yg bodoh tu !!

Ok so masa gi arcade, me n suraya spotted couple ni entah mereka buat apa... mmg tak senonoh la... dah la pada bulan ramadhan lagi...

ini gambar sebagai bukti... maafkan sbb tak clear kerana tak nak di tau ada org tangkap pic dia !!

so masa sampai di arcade... si suraya ternampak la.. counter DiGi untuk redeem.. so i gi la main arcade dgn dia... wow.. rindu la main game arcade tu.. sbb best membunuh terrorist muka mcm budak kerek di negara luar... ok la...

so lepas main... suraya pergi counter DiGi n redeem ... n akhirnya daripada di gamble sms.. akhirnya dia mendapat ticket free !!! 2 lak tu...

wow.. ok la...

me bad luck again... adeh... tak pe la... malas nak gi masa kerja untuk ke post office...

ok la itu je..

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