Friday, September 4, 2009

i dont know what topic but lets say it is related to Malaysian movies

well of causing this topic is related to movies..

there are many topics i want to put here like:

  • Why Malaysian Movies today sucks???
  • Why Malaysian Movies can't be good as last time??

well those are a few... but what i going to write here is to express my feelings towards the Malaysian movies...

Few days back, i watched Astro Prima's midnight movies.. sadly the ASTRO magazine didnt even tell what old movies will be out (worst time schedule of every channel are 6am till 11pm after that not in the list)

so far all the old Malaysian Movies are fun and funny to watch... of course those movies are during the old days... one thing i respect those movies.. it was SOOOO REAL n I cant imagine how close they manage to make the movies exactly like real life..

Arwah P.Ramlee movies are one example of real life attitude of people.. also that time he has the guts to make parodies of real life people.. parody are like jokes n not to be taken seriously.. seriously today many people think parody is insulting.. that's why u HARDLY see a Malaysian movies which has some parody influences..

btw today, u wont see movies like that except arwah Yasmin Ahmad... which her movies represent everyday lifes in Malaysia...

I know they are some directors are trying too... kudos if u manage to make it... I know there are some capable directors out there !!!

ok back to the my story... as i watch i was sooo shocked how wonderful this movie was... multiracial, nice, and everything !! come on it is ONE MALAYSIA !!

do u see malaysian movies n TV series are MULTIRACIAL ??? NO !!! but only a few rite ???

ok i know old time movies are soooo u know.. sexy n over westernise... but do u realise THOSE are actually what are the people today ??

I meant... look.. not at the stars in the movie but look at the real life people.. maybe ur neighbour or frens.. do they wear like that ???

dont say no... go outside n see urself.. it is real..

ok if people want to scold then u should scold urself bcoz maybe ur relative or ur daughter or sister or son or anyone in ur family is like that but u dont know??

as we see the old malay movies also have some nice lessons in life for us to remember... like example Arwah P. Ramlee movies.. many old timers would say what he is telling us is real !!!

like Madu 3.. how the husband try to fool his wifes.. try ask people who marry 2 or 3 secretly.. i am sure they do the same thing n tell u what P. Ramlee did was true...

I remembered once.. from an unknown source that P. Ramlee made a song for all of us to listen n be sad i meant insaf la dari perbuatan dosa.. or repent from ur sins..

i heard was like a nasyid but some big people (cant tell u who but they always do bad stuff)... when the listen that music.. they "terasa" or felt that the songs was taking about them.. if they do this, god will punish... so bcoz they felt offended, that song was NEVER RELEASE TODAY !!!!

never to be heard once again... even on IKIM...

i watched one Malay movie called Yes, Tuan.. shows some jokes and parodies of some old malaysian movies.. which i used to watch when i was a kid... so far it was kinda true.. but was kinda funny n original.. see it urself if u are lucky... i laughed at the simple n maybe lame jokes... but seriously it was funny...

another movie i watched was called Debu Debu Kasih starring Aida Aris and Sham (Rock Visa)..

yes this makcik when she was young

ok this movie is a nose bleed to many bcoz she n Raja Azura are sexy but anyway i just love the original part where the baby was playing and the kids in the river..

how about her reaction... sama mcm budak2... mcm real la... it is hard to find an actress to act like budak2... kalau ada pun mcm terpaksa n gedik.. natural ni rare or being blacklisted by the censorship board...

the best about this movie is the ending... aida aris was at the bech crying n then a PLANE flew over her !!! wonderful... cite CINTA also followed this concept but it was an LRT, Komunter, and ERL comes together !!! Awesome !!!

i hardly seen any malaysia movie that does that..

Next we see arwah Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet... Sepet is a nice movie that was banned in Malaysia and showed into cinemas after a year later (thanx to people to were angry to the stupid not sporting censorship board)... Sepet is superly Original.. why ?? who will ever think of a relationship between an illegal VCD seller and his customer and make that a love movie???

also the movie shows scenes which i think it is accpetable in real life.. like families who wear kain sarung only at home... rite ??

how about the part where the people know the kongsi gelap always do problems !!

i think this movie is great...

Talentime??? a school doing a talent show??

this one is also real... there are fights, love, stress, n think this was a superb movie by arwah b4 she goes...

lets talk bad ones.. well let me seee... movie about celeb, movie about fighting, about husband and wife, series followed some spanish tv series.. some followed hindi... gosh.. where is the originality ???

anyway philipines and indonesian tv series.. even they SUCK (some not k, they sucks bcoz the bad guys n dugaan yg melampau n which one is good n bad)... they still made it original n conquered Malaysian TV !!!

censoredship ??? they are worst than us k... but at least they dare to put it !!!

anyway lets talk about one bad malaysian tv movie or series... about this police series... which i think the suitable name is Greek Krap

come on... i am bored watching same old stupid malaysia movie of some crappy cop TV series which never represent our police !!!!

YES !!!!

trying to copy some real life cases n make it into a series... that is STUPID !!!!

dont give excuse it is conincidents... if after 10 years conincidence YES but not after 2 or 3 weeks...

that stupid police show was tooo over... evertime u can see when the bad guy push the police.. a sound of the hindi punch was inserted... dont u feel like when u push someone a boxing hindi sound comes out.. try do that to ur fren !!

Worst i remembered was since b4 n today... the old timer in the movie.. ALWAYS gets scolding from the high ranking officers for not doing the job rite, for concerntrating more on family that work, n even the high ranking officer throws stress at him... ALL THE TIME !!!


it shows this stupid police series is about policemen scolding the same guy ??? All over again n again n again.. seriously even my frens, chinese, malay and indian hates that show soo damn much !!

the reason the show is on... bcoz the kids watches it.. bcoz it is funny.. seriously.. i watched it too when i was a kid... of course kids love to watch stupid shows... n plz la.. to the director of the series.. plz remember your ratings for that crappy show is not as much as spongebob k!!!

btw the director of this police series is not as open minded as last time.. i remembered the love stories he makes were nicer... even the remakes...

but when comes to actions it is CRAP !!! like hindi fighting scenes... love scenes... come western film scenes..

dont brag u spend a millions n also destroying hundreds of cars.. people dont want to see u brag about ur hardwork in wasting money but what people want to see is originality and greatness of ur movie...

ur drift movie was sucks n copycat.. not like the other one which sucks on the CGI but not the storyline, plot, jokes n soundtrack !!!

anyway if any of u feel offended then i am sorry but this is my opinions n not to fight but to share with everyone of u !!!!

and if u found a malay movie you think it is good and want to share with me.. come give me the movie... i know i maybe missed a lot of good malaysian movies, old and new..

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  1. movie em..buli from afdlin shauki..all yasmin ahmad film...and drama series..nur kasih..tv3



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