Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dream wish list !!!

i think when i get my 1st pay salary... i have to budget to see if i have enough money to buy this !!!!

maybe u will say WTF is that !!

that is a USB video recorder... YES video recorder!!! no more TV tuner cards.... this guy can record from any source... TV n others n u can save it in ur HD !!!

great stuff !!!

of course i want one.. i need todo m videoy game review which needs a PC tuner card of course my frens complaint about F1 fanboyz where the the TV flickers... now who dont hate that... so if i get this there will be a remake again.. adeh

but so far i think this is a good device which u wont waste a lot of money on... it is RM400... i know but quite good n compact which means u can download anywhere... damn easy rite ??

USB slot to save into ur thumbdrive or portable HDD

Example how to put it !!

so far i have never tried this great product... when i try i will give my reviews n so on also i will give a guide on how to fix it !!

btw wish me luck !!

p/s: thanx to the idiot IT guy for showing off this cool gadget =P

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