Thursday, July 16, 2009

My uncle's grave

Thanx to blogger Dymi for getting the pics.. i do have MANY PICS n stuff but cant scan or take bcoz it is in a box...

here is my arwah uncle's grave with the man who his grandparents or parents took care of my arwah uncle's grave.. some what like a promise.. also bcoz my uncle was a good Malaysian in Japan (plz Malaysians in Japan, plz be like my uncle n dont be like some douchebag who wants to tak malu membanggakan diri, Korea sucks or look i have a heavily mod supra but i am stress with work n etc)

Click to enlarge it

sadly my arwah father lost contact with him n tells if i got the chance plz meet him.. n be in contact forever...

lagipun i will go... not like my other cousins yg berlagak n brags about Islam n stuff... sedangkan he never even think of coming here walaupun his arwah father was the 1st Malaysian invited to go there...

ok everybody pray the best for me... maybe i go there for a holiday or to study my masters... (adeh panjangnya)

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