Friday, December 25, 2009

Aiman's stupid offensive questionnaires


Hey are my super simple and stupid questionnaires.. if u can answer all right.. thank god but all wrong.. u have to go to mental hospital..

Here are the questions with pictures.. with Bahasa Malaysia.. one answer , satu jawapan !!

Question 1

A) Fish Sauce / Sos Ikan
B) Fish Oil / Minyak Ikan

Question 2

A) Chicken soup / Sup Ayam
B) Chicken stock / Stok Ayam

Question 3

A) Fire / Api
B) Light / Lampu

Question 4

A) Paper Prata / Roti Tisu
B) Bomb Prata / Roti Bomb

for answers scroll down
untuk jawapan sila halakan ke bawah

Ok, i will tell u why i also inserted this artist picture and here are the answers

1) A
2) B
3) A
4) B

if u got all wrong... well go to mental hospital... ok, actually u know why i made this questionnaires ?

i realise our Malaysian artist are dumb.. u get me dumb... sometimes it is funny n mostly embarrassing.. i wonder how their parents can take it.. Ok, i watched Mawi's wedding i remembered the host was Farah AF or Farah Diana Anuar... n in Mawi's magical arabian wedding.. they were fire and this Farah said "oo lihat lampu sedang menyala," to make things better i am sure u wont believe me that all the wrong answer are answers from Farah AF... seriously


n then i watched Halal Orient where she goes to Taiwan in search of Halal food.. one prob.. if they want to make a food show.. u must find a person willing to eat all kinds of food... I watched Farah as she suffers eating the food she dont like... (i bet Haikal n many will look at her impression when she tried one of the food).. also if u cant find someone to willing to eat that train this Farah to eat all types of FOOD... i meant come on.. my fren from Romanian i remembered she told me.. b4 competing in China, she and her teammates are trained to eat duck and other chinese stuff sometimes force themselves.

Ok back to topic.. what made me shock in the show was... the old man.. he was cooking a halal dish.. Farah asked for the ingredient and he replied "Chicken Stock," and Farah said "OOoo, Sup Ayam,"


Next when she went to a Halal Thai Food Stall.. they showed her the secret ingredient.. that was a fish sauce n guess what she said "Oooo Minyak Ikan,"

What the HELL ?!

Malu je... i meant she is an icon n her level is that terrible.. gosh i understand why malaysian films are just plain stupid... to make things embarrassing.. she used to study in the Local Uni.. n she made that local uni name.. teruk.. who cares...anyway..

I dont care she want to do telly tubbies or brit brit or what the hell but dont be dumb like that show...

i wonder why they choose this weird people as role models ??

guys n girls who read my blog... plz comment on this matter !!!! i want to know ur opinion...

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  1. haha...kesian mmg annoying la artis yg erm...can i say dumb? i mean kalo nak jadi artis pun,jgn la mcm org x skolah...tau la muka ada,sora ada,tapi otak pun kena ada gak....



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