Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I will do anything just that I will be in Japan

"I will do anything just that I will be in Japan" that is the title of my blog.

No i dont think like that but i used to think like that once... but now i dont..

Why i came out with this kind of title??

Because after being going into blogs of many Malaysians who are in Japan. I realise many share the same common thing that they will do anything and they dont care whatever it is but they want to go and be in Japan.

I dont know why Japan is sooo good... seriously, yes they may have things we like n yes our politics sucks n etc. But look at the bright side.. Malaysia is still Malaysia.. good food, weather, people ??

Ok, back to topic.. U see here i wont put names but individual NX is inside here as well..

ok, I start of with Individual NX.. she went to Japan ala ala got invitation from Petronas. She was confuse to choose also that time she was learning at the French Institute to study in France. She took the offer to Japan, i am not sure her real attention but she went there and brag about it, she fought with some Japanese people. She even wasted quite a lot of YEN for useless stuff and also she got angry when she is out of money. She sells watches when she is out of money. She studies in a place which i would say.. GOSH.. i thought this uni was prestige.. but it was like an Uni doing twinning studies with other institutes including UM, yes Universiti Malaya. The bitch somehow regrets for being in Japan if u read her blog. She is lonely and always fight with people n curse and also hardly no one makes frens with her. And just for the sake of show off, i am not sure.. but she did waste her money to go the whole Europe. Individual NX is bad in buying her tickets, she makes books wrong flight also didnt find a cheaper alternative or better book last minute until her flight ticket was RM7k about.. i manage to get RM4k above for a flight to japan also go and return as well... same plane as her.. MALAYSIA AIRLINES !!!
UPDATED... the bitch lied in her video that she bought a ticket for RM7,000 which was 260,000 Yen or ¥260,000 ... i convert it n i cant believe my eyes.. it was RM10,200 !!! Her dumbass fren thinks it was also RM7 ribu.. BODOH !!!! I wonder how she got her money? Duit Untung SMS ayah dia kot

Next was girl name Ad and Mas. Both of them obses with Japan. I know both of them are matrix students. They both claim they got an offer from Jenysis and their Matrix to go to Japan. MAybe they were confuse or what... i know it was writen 2 weeks scholarship to stay with ur foster parents. Also Jenysis program is for high school students.. not matrix or IPT.. so Ad and Mas joined and quit their matrix and go to this program. All for the sake want to go to Japan brag and buy toys n gundam. So they stop matrix n went to Japan. They do is all brag n show off.. in the end, mereka rugi.. they have to lie to many of their frens that they are still in Matrix but they were not. They also wasted their golden opportunity in matrix.. such a waste. Btw, i am uncertain how the manage to infiltrate Jenysis since it was a collab between both government ?? Thats why the Japanese government was soo pissed.. but it is stupid that Ad n Mas even they cheated n manage to enter.. but wasted their edu here.. dumbasses.

3rd a girl name Is.. i dont know her much but she lives with individual NX. She brags about going to VIP dinner in Japan. I dont know how she go to Japan n manage to meet this people. She somehow once brags her visit to korea n etc. And to make things interesting.. once she bought a junk food.. which she brag was big n nice... she ate n swallowed a few after half was eaten she and her friends realise the ingredient was pork. Is here is soon to get a connection with the Shia.. she is from being a Sunni to a Shia.. Only Allah knows.

4th is this Alim girl.. i saw her when after i went to Is' blog... she looks nice but my heart says otherwise. I saw pics of her and her malaysian colleagues in Japan wearing some sort of a uniform and hangout at snow. Also they went to Korea and hangout as well during their break. Somehow she studies some uni i guess engineering or computing.. i looked at her uni.. wow nice.. but one thing.. it was not certified by Malaysian Government also that Uni looks like KBU here.. or Segi college.. not those prestige one.. i would understand if she goes somewhere we Malaysians know and also being certified but not a un-certified university. God, i wonder why their parents are so dumb to let their child go somewhere not certified.. also for the sake of going to Japan or studying in Japan. Just bcoz of that ?? What the hell ??

nevermind.. maybe my postings are a bit jealous but i dont get it.. why our people are so dumb.. it is ok, i still had an advice from a fren.. he told me "U should not know the truth, it is painful if u know it," He told me that when we were talking politics.. seriously i found out the truth it hurts.. nevermind..

p/s: Individual NX talks about religion n got piss or angry with people who celebrate halloween n guess what... i manage to find out she goes clubbing as well... dont talk religion when urself is still not correct.

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