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Post lama: Confessions of a young man

I know this story sound stupid but read it with ur heart open n be sincere and this is written with his own heart and the guy who wrote this sucks in writing. Also the pics posted here are his last visit

Well a young man remembers the time when he was a teenager. He remembers clearly his 1st time being in Cameron Highlands. It was his 1st time with his family and his late father was there happily enjoying nature.

As the young man who was a teenager that time.. learns about nature and the wonders of Allah in a land which is so beautiful. He looked at fruit that were grown beautifully. They were bigger than the ones in the market. The teenager was also happy to try something new that was homemade milkshake..

He missed those days. He remembered his late father showed him a strawberry place which they want to go. It was a small place not that grand. It was a simple place also a rusty land rover was parked there. The place was very humble indeed and the teenager was happy to pluck strawberries for his 1st time.

The strawberry place which the young man visited until today which is now more advance than last time.

He even bought pure strawberry jam which has no preservatives and it can stand longer than normal jams. The teenager bought a strawberry ice cream which is soo delicious. He loves the taste of real strawberry also pure strawberry. Cameron Highlands or strawberry land will always be in his heart. He thanked Allah for showing one great place in his country.

Soon, they arrived at a vegetable market. It was beautiful, his mom was too obsess with fresh big vegetables there. So from there the teenager started his journey walking around Cameron Highlands looking for items to buy or made a small souvenirs to bring back home.

As he walked, looking behind how far he has journeyed and of course he does it in Penang but in a place where he does not know anything would give him the experience for the future.

He walked and looked around and see how Cameron Highland people do their work, sells their goods n everything. The teenager was a curious person looking all and experiencing. Also this mark his journey as a traveler.

He walked in front and saw this road that heads to the peak of Cameron Highlands called Gunung Brinchang. To locals it is a nice place to enjoy nature and see the wonders of Allah. The young man knew it was too far so he walked somewhere where his parents can look for him.

He walked until he saw a little shop that was not that fancy in between 2 vegetable stalls. It was not that great but it sells items or art. It sells a lot of nice items, toys and souvenirs. The teenager stop here and looked at all the beautiful items sold by this young lady. The young lady called the teenager and the teenager looked and amazed with all the items she sold. Some of them were her work of art.

The young lady asked him if he would be interested in buying her own design keychains. The teenager didn't nudge and he was thinking and looking at those cute items. There were some people passing thru the shop. The young lady call for customers but none had come to buy from her. Maybe bcoz her shop was not as great as the other shops or maybe bcoz of something else. The teenager was a bit sad to see his own race not supporting their own race or worst own country.

In the end, he bought from the young lady. He knows he has no other places to go to buy items so he bought from this young lady also it was his 1st time buying a design keychain. The young lady thanked him. He waited and look the young lady do her art work. She was left handed and gentle in her art. The teenagers heart suddenly felt an urge like he knows the girl who made it was sincere. She did her work her sincere heart. Her little shop was not fancy even her tools are not fancy. She uses a cookie tupperware to keep her stationary. She also have to use a lighter to dry the art. To write down the things what the teenager wrote was on a recycle paper which has many writing of many types of people. The young man bought 2 keychains but he cant recall how many bcoz they were cheap.

The teenager loved a girl that time. The girl he loved was actually a slut but he loved her will all her heart. He asked the young lady to write it down n draw a rose that his girl gave her. She draw exactly as the rose. The teenager thanked her. He was happy to be in a nice place. The keychain he bought he keep it as a memory from a young lady who sold to him.

The 2nd time, he was at Cameron Highlands again during peak hour which is loaded with people. He went to his favourite strawberry shop. It was upgraded and better than last time. More updated and upgraded. The teenager showed his cousin how beautiful it was. The cousins agreed n they went to the young lady's shop to buy a keychain. Peak hours or Peak holidays are not a good time to go as prices soar and also many and many people keep on buying until sold out. Btw, that was the last visit of the teenager's father to Cameron Highland. He was happy to know a British Muslim male who lived with his wife in this beautiful place. He was introduce by his friend or his son's late father in law.

The 3rd time he went was with his sister's family. They had never been there. They loved the scenery. They loved a lot of things there. The teenager when again to the young lady shop. The young lady made the beautiful keychain for the teenager. She asked "Are you the kid who always buy here?" .. He replied "Yes, I am.. I always buy here,".. the young lady smiled. One of the reason he bought from her was she was too sincere and kind also he supports to buy products made by his own race or own country. She made those beautiful keychains also the teenager bought many. The teenager told her, he has a girl who is doing her SPM and he wants to wish her good luck in the keychain. So the young lady made it beautiful and the teenager was happy he knew that his rich bitch girlfriend would maybe appreciate this sort of gift which his rich bitch girlfriend would not love. The teenager remembers he wants to buy some batteries for his discman (those days mp3 players were expensive. Ipod n Zen are the only Mp3 players on the market) before the journey home. He asked the young lady if she sells some batteries, she did not sell but she told the teenager to go a shop over there to buy the battery. Later the teenager returns to the shop to take his keychain that was ready. After buying the teenager walks away with joy but this marks where the young lady and teenager would not know that this was actually like the last time this teenager will buy from her. Soon the teenager regretted that he did not have her contact number as he want this young lady to make keychains for his future wedding day. He wanted to order from her to make more also to support her and her family.

As years goes by, the teenager became a young man. He never had a chance to go there.. His family was still stuck with their tradition to go to Penang every year. He loved Penang but he loves Cameron too. He wants to know how was the young lady doing?? Is she ok ?? Is she in trouble?? Is her business was bad?? Did she close shop ?? Is she successful ??

Many questions left unanswered on the young man head. He asked some of his frens who are going to Cameron Highlands to help him get the young ladies contact number. Some tried but failed to recognize her shop bcoz it is between vegetable stalls. Some dont dare bcoz to them, they are strangers to her. The young man was sad and prayed nothing wrong happens. He had contacts from there also Allah was too kind for the young man. A man who was his cousin's fiance was from Cameron Highlands and they will make their wedding there.

After 3 years, he finally had his chance to go during his cousin's wedding. He journeyed but his heart was affraid. He worries for the worst but he prays for the best. He finally saw the young lady's shop opened.

He cannot buy now bcoz he has to go to the wedding ASAP. He passed her... and rushed to the wedding. He cant wait for his shopping and he was happy the young lady was around but he was sad for ignoring her. After the wonderful wedding, the young man wanted to go but before he started his journey, he called a few friends he trusted to buy some presents. He know he is not wealthy but giving his friends a sincere present is better than those expensive presents. Allah was kind to his creations. Heavy rain poured and the young man didnt had a chance to go and buy. He was sad, but Allah gives a challenge his servant to be stronger. The young man was worried if he didnt not have a chance to meet.

The next day, the young man had bad stomach ache.. he tried his best to remove all the pain. In the end it was successful and the young man started his journey but with fear. He called his friend to help him. He was too afraid if the young lady would not be polite to him for asking her number. His attention was to help her not to flirt her. The friend told him to be strong. Ok, 1st he went to a the strawberry farm which he visited which looked more advance than last time.

He catches many pics as possible b4 heading to the keychain shop. His journey was a nightmare, it was a bit far and many cars were blocking his path. The police bus was like driving the bus like no mans land. So he walked.. he feared... but he has to go on. Like it or not.. he has to face it.. Reality !!

As he arrived, the young lady was there and asked the young man.

"Welcome, do you want some buy some keychain??"

also she asked another question after a 3 second pause. Which was...

"Are you the kid who always buy keychains from me??"

The young man was shocked and his heart stopped beating for a while n he replied.. "YES". The young lady was happy to see him and he bought keychains from her. He asked if she can make up to 21 to 22 keychains. She said No problemo for her.

The young man asked her how does she recognize him. She reply that the young man looks the same since last time. The young man was happy. He had a few chats with her asking her about her business. After a few chats, the young lady gave him her name card. She said if he is looking for some apartment to rent give her a call, her parents has an apartment for rent. He asked her if he could call or sms her for booking on keychains. She said no prob as well.

She took her tool box of stationary (no more cookie tupperware) and also some piece of paper asking the young man to write. She was also more advance.

The young man was grateful and happy that he manages to meet her. He asked her for a photo and caught one.

She was busy after the young man came. He shop was packed with people also they want to many items. She was also charitable as she gave discounts on items. She told the young man, if she is not here, she is at her new shop. She said her business has gone better. She bought a new shop. The young man asked her something personal as... why she worked here..

She said she cant get an offer from Local Universities and Colleges. The young man knows the government dont even care for the people also she tried to apply for working with the government but failed bcoz he english is not good. The young man reply "English not good, but i seen many government officers and workers who are bad in english,"

The young lady replied "it is her rezeki but she will be happy to study again, also she is happy with her work,".. The young man was still young... in his mind he believes in helping people. He remembered he wanted to help his best fren to get a good job and studies. His best fren cant further his studies bcoz he has no money. The government loans are also not helpful.

Later the young man has to go.. the girl tried her best to finished it and she made it. Even it was in a rushing mode or not her best.

The young man wants her to keep the change.. in his heart, if he loves something he would tell to keep the change so he did... the young lady wants to give the change but he ran off.. he knows going out with his sister will only cause trouble. During his journey, he saw his cousins car and asked his cousin for a fast ride and he made it.

When he was at home, he kept her card also he looked at the beautiful keychain.

He showed to his frens who he wants to give and they loved it.

He was in tears looking at it... he was grateful.. and everytime he reads or tells or write about the story.. he will go into tears... he knows it is stupid for him to think like this but it is his feelings so people should understand how hard the journey has been for him.


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