Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kisah lama di blog lama : make research then Believe !!

Well here is something interesting... will make Norman KRU l**k his B**L n eat up his words..
censored bcoz i am worried nanti pihak berkuasa baca mati aku

I remembered he said.. "OOO look at Brunei being a wonderful Islamic country than Malaysia,"

Well does he know ??? BRUNEI THAT WELL !!!!

Alhamdulillah with Malaysia.. even we have the lazy Jakim.. well guess what...

i read my brunei fren's blog.. she was upset her chocolates which she bought in BRUNEI are not halal.. u get me not halal.. pity her...

i was surprised an asked her ?? did they put any tag or something to tell it is not halal... well she said no...

luckily chocolates and some food as listed as Halal n Non-Halal.. i am happy that chocolates where given attention..

anyway why i said Lazy Jakim.. well based on my previous story which some of my frens knows and.. also why i called them.. bcoz there is still products which are not halal... for example some japanese teriyaki sauce with contain sake, or how about those imported stuff... n some non-halal foods.. even things which contain wine.. u can accidentally buy them without knowing it is halal or haram...

So Norman dont be a smart-ass jerk... do ur research 1st b4 bragging !!

ok.. but anyway b4 we buy we should read the contains just incase we bought non halal stuff.. for example.. i found white vinegar n a white wine vinegar together.. but i read so that i wont take the wrong one.. lucky for me.. the wine vinegar was cheap n looks exactly like the vinegar... imagine if u accidentally took it mistaken it for vinegar... or how about drinks which are so colourful but actually it contains alcohol. I hope Jakim could do their jobs better... also we as a penguna should read n becareful... i dont want to blame 100% on them even if they are lazy.. sometimes..

I realise the lack of knowledge by our Muslim bros n sis are quite dangerous. Like this news i got YEARS ago.. about this London biscutts and cakes.. i was shocked when they said.. Tak Halal, bcoz of this chemical... well lucky me i was a Pure Science student.. i read n checked that chemical.. n i was amazed... seriously kalau they say that chemical haram guna lemak babi.. plz nicely remove all UR FOOD COLOURING which include STAR BRAND, NONA, NUR n some of the halal colouring brand...

ish cant they learn ?? n sending this stupid spam which they dont care the reality ?? or learn something.. i meant dont be a lazy pig (my late auntie said that)

Apollo now is the new victim after that london biscutt.. whats next ?? munchies ??

OK, if u hate Erra Fazira for promoting that cake.. then just say boycott sbb Erra not make a slander benda tu tak halal.. i pun dah malas nak cakap dgn kwn-kwn yg sekaum yg tak buka mata n buka telinga mereka..

Talking about rumours kan.. teringat cerita.. Colgate n some ubat gigi was haram, haram and haram... want to know where the haram story came from ???

well what trigger me to found out why is colgate haram was actually when i was in UiTM i read the newspaper saying stop sending spam in the mosque.. n the spam was that colgate haram la..

(i rasa i also know the spammer was since he talked about it last year)

so dont mind about the spammer.. u have to find the source.. who started saying colgate Haram..

Alhamdulillah, when i was in UiTM.. my fren Syed Yusoff brought me to his room and told me to join his MLM.. he joins this MLM company fully bumi called SURECO.. i watched a video of SURECO doing a demo... n guess what... there is source !! COlgate is haram !!

The demo they said Colgate haram guna tulang babi... n stuff... so i guess from them.. they started Spamming sampai masjid.. Ish kurang ajar spam dlm masjid.. from there i started mcm.. fuck off... nak kutuk pasal colgate kenapa??? why dont u join the market n beat colgate if ur so called brand so hebat dari colgate !!!

Colgate is here for generations n i am sure mereka dah check n everything b4 doing the job.. n now Jakim gets the job to check n listed them HALAL !!!

i am pissed wth SURECO, kalau brand u bagus sgt... go market it.. n challenge semua !!

I am sure tak leh.. Muu'mim ada (which is 100% better than f**King crap SURECO) NEEM ada, Himalayas ada, SAFI ada... haha.. go ahead !!!!

anyway thats all !!

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