Sunday, December 6, 2009

Siapa ingat ???

ini topic lama korek kat blog lama...

sebenarnya topic ni saya letak balik sbb semalam masa upload gambar makanan n then kwn ajak suruh makan satu kedai tu... n kedai tu dah lama ku tak makan bukan saje lama tapi ingatkan dah pupus... tapi masih ada n kuat lagi !!!!

tapi saya nak tanya... adakah anda semua ingat tak?? bangunan buah-buahan yg ada di KL atau di negeri lain ?? dan dlmnya ada org jual susu berperisa strawberry, jagung dan lain2 ????

ok so topic ni dari blog lama n masa tu ku menang anugerah dari IBM...

so here it is....


1st i just want tell that in college, IBM came and showed off their latest product which makes database work easy... it was fun and great but what shocked me was... they choose certain people to join.. n interestingly i was one of the chosen one..

ok back to topic


Well i just want to post this here about some fond memories which i guess soon it will be gone...

i will start from when i was a kid... I remembered my mom will always go to Masjid India to buy her tudung or plastic flowers and maybe some accessories... I remembered as a kid i dont like to go to hot crowded places, it hurts for a kid like me those days... and of course i dont understand much..

I know my late father would bring me around... 1st he would listen to classical songs sang by the blind people also sedekah them for their excellent performance.. he would then later bring me to this place in Masjid India (i remembered between Mydin), it is a beverage shop shape of a fruit from the outside.. U can find them commonly in KL last time but not today.

In this beverage shop, i remembered my father would buy me this drink which is packed in a vitagen kinda bottle. The bottle is obviously bigger than the vitagen one.. The drink is a flavoured milk drink. They have many flavours but mostly are fruity flavours like Strawberry, Corn, Durian, plain flavour and others. Everytime i go to Masjid India i would have one of the drinks. I really do miss this drinks.. I guess the drink was local bcoz of the colour and how rare to find one.

Years later, the drink was no more to be found. The fruit building was closed, some were left abandon and some were destroyed to make way for new buildings or roads. What was shocking was the drink.. no where to be found.. i think the people who made the drink didnt want to go and challenge the real world by selling those local drinks in 7 eleven or some shops. I still miss that drink which has a taste that is different from those modern drinks like Dutch Lady n crap. I remembered the person who sold wears yellow... ahhh i cant rememeber.. all i know was a bottle drink with a blue cap...

*I remembered Arnie Isa the annoying girl from NTV7, try one of goat milk and spit in front of the person who sold it.. ish tak senonoh but i suspect maybe that nice drink was goat's milk

Ok, kinda pity to see my fav drink gone.. and that unique fruit building also gone.. to make things worst ones there was a stand for the blind people to perform... was destroyed by DBKL.. and i dont understand why... they gave the blind people an umbrella for them to perform.. i still prefer the old shade which use to shelter them and others when they perform also a special table is given to them.

As i remembered all the good things gone.. even A & W was in Bangsar once until it was gone and replaced with Hop In n then gone AGAIN. Roadhouse Grill, Thai Corner (our fav family restorant which serve the best thai food) and etc.. gone.. slowly.. i dont know what is left for our kids to know.. bcoz all are history.

OK, today i went out with Avinash to Cineleisure n sadly i cant watch a movie.. bcoz the clock shows 5.30.. watch movie n then finish.. late at night.. i am sure my mom will kill me like last time.. damn sorry to Avinash.. ok, as we walked.. i remembered there was a cheap authentic italian restaurant in Cineleisure. It was cheap and good.. i remembered me, Dahnia and Shariz ate there... the workers was a friendly malay person.. i did ask him about the Halal issue as i was worried.. i remembered the brochure i got was a nice pizza but no halal markings.. was worried for it's non-halal-ness... but i went to the website i remembered the Italian guy gave people from the orphanage some pizza also he partnered with a Malay guy to bring this awesome pizza which uses 100% italian ingredients. I asked the person in charge of the shop at Cineleisure, he informed that there were trouble getting a halal chop or approval from Jakim.. ish lazy Jakim again... but pity the Italian.. he wanted to help the Malaysians but Jakim was too cruel.. they only care for themselves... I also remembered they were pizza steps to the restaurant very unique indeed.

No regret eating a pizza there... wanted to introduce to my US bro.. but he always buy from Pizza Uno at Centrepoint. Today, I walked after checking out Tony Roma's at Cineleisure.. OMG Dahnia will drool.. so i looked at the pizza shop.. it was no more there... closed and there was a notice saying it was DISITA... n a fine was given to them.. pity them... i love their food but cant believe it is gone... n when to their website.. it was no more there.... i do check the reviews... many gave a thumbs up...

Kinda sad that show was not there selling affordable Italian Cuisine. Was thinking maybe one day. Dahnia n frens with Haikal, Suraya and others including me as well go and eat there... but... since it is gone.. cant find a good affordable place to eat... haish

One Utama... i know Niko Niko Doh is gone... i dont know which shop will be gone.. let me see.. Dorayaki shop in One Utama gone... i miss that shop selling big portions of Doraemon's Dorayaki ORIGINAL k got licenses from Doraemon's company as well.. gone.. Miss Field's gone.. one cute souvenir shop GONE... quite a lot actually..

ok i think i will stop here

Maybe i will post more soon...


back to topic...

since it was all gone.... the shop i bought my xgf teddy bear also gone..

PS n computer shop there also gone...

i was sad... but one shop just came up !!!


selling fresh dorayaki from the pan !!!

awesome !!!

so tell me.. what was ur fav place that was gone now???

also do u know the building n drink that i was talking about???

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