Friday, December 25, 2009

Role Models in choosing them !

As well all know.. we know that many people love to choose role models.

But choosing them n knowing them is easy... but are u sure, do u know them 100% ???

well i am not here to go against any political role model but to advise you all regarding on the role model issue.

1st of all.. does your role model are good to his/her family ??

2nd do they respect other people ??

3rd do they respect their families ???

this should be taken consideration.. bcoz some of them in front, they are the greatest people, they give promises and care to the people. They meet poor people n tell them they will help them but behind maybe they dont show consideration or respect to his/her family.. they show some attitude which are different from outside.

The reason i uploaded this post is to inform..

*I wont put the name of the political party, also the name of the person for confidential purposes.

well there was a politician i know who has been a role model to many females and girls in Malaysia. She was a great person outside giving promises to the people also being polite to all types of people as also claimed in the political party also her facebook but family wise she was rude, arrogant, cocky and etc.

Imagine even her own auntie (70+ years old) said she was more rude than her husband. Not only that but she gives bad promises to her other family members for example she promises that she will be coming at Maghrib time but never even show up or call to inform that something bad has happen. All this lies are just to much for a so called politician, i am sure if they is a campaign where you need to vote her as ur DUN.. i will go full swing campaign against her even she has stronger support also if her teacher goes against her... I will also hit on her teacher can say double whammy i want to hit both. FYI, this female youth politician (as stated on the political website) doesn't even go to her uncle's funeral n the only thing she did was sending a facebook message to the sons of that uncle. I am not going to insert her father who is 100 times or more worst than her.

btw, I meant thanx to her arrogant-ness, i am guessing many wont be her role model if they know who she is...

I remembered a story about Rasulullah during the war.. the Muslim soldiers were losing a battle. The soldiers asked Rasulullah, why are they losing. He replied.. that one of the soldiers was doing sin to Allah. He should go to the right path then we can win.

So i am suspecting that this lady was one of them in the political party n causing them a disaster now.

*p/s: She is a backstabber actually to that party, i pray that the party should remove her politely

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