Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blogger meeting at Central Market n dinner !

i cant remember when was the last time i been here...

HELL it was in 2004... itu pun tak masuk sgt...

well a lot of things changed now..

i was there for a blogger meeting... also to meet new frens n of course blogger Cikgu Nurul..

i planned to go there EARLY !!

around 2 bcoz at 5 i have to go home n buy some present which my auntie told me to buy bcoz i have a birthday dinner with my cousins.

so as i went there... this happens... Neorul cant come, she had to come late for some reason.. but it was ok.. i journeyed myself into Petaling Street n soon maybe walk to Masjid India which i cancel n take the LRT to Masjid India..

as i was there, i was upset with Petaling Street bcoz it was not happening as last time.. u know?? more shops n clothing.. i thought i can get my new car shirt there but failed.

anyway i was thinking to walk to jalan masjid india but when i saw the building i was thinking it was impossible.. so i naik la LRT to Masjid Jamek but b4 naik i sms n call Neo takut dia dah sampai ke apa???

after a few sms.. i lupa.. dia tak suka sgt sms.. so i call dia.. n told her.. kita jumpa di masjid jamek..

so i pun pergi la.. tapi sad.. sbb i tak de rezeki nak sedekah ke org Miskin di sana


mmg sedih la... tapi i nak sedekah yg baik je.. not yg choosy sbb teringat hari tu saya duk tangkap gambar.. ada org minta sedekah at me over a million of people there.. n masa tu dah syak ini nak cari org ada duit.. adeh... apa2 pun mmg masa tu tak de duit.. so sorry k... n dont TARGET ME !!!

so as i walked n then Neo called.. so pergi la n jumpa dia.. nasib jumpa di masjid jamek sbb dia... kan... sudah lama tak biasa dgn public transport...

luckily my auntie called n inform jgn beli present !!

so bawa la dia ke Central Market as promised.. so di situ jalan2 n tunggu kwn cik Neo datang... n mereka datang n bawa kita to this place where org yg mmg betul2 Indie perform !!!

wow !!! I am impress tapi kenapa mereka get less attention from others??

i remembered once, there was a stay for all this indie band to perform.. n now where is it???

last time i remembered in CM there was a stage for this kind of performance or open for public but now no more... sama with the blind people who perform in Jalan Masjid India.. there use to be a stage but now no more...

ok.. we saw the performance which was nice n great !!

pastu we go and solat di surau... n WOW... walaupun kecil tapi well maintained compare to MANY PLACES !!!

KUDOS to Central Market for maintenance..

ok, then ikut Neo tgk rabbit di satu tempat di Central Market... mmg comel..

i kata kat Neo masa dia pegang arnab tu.. mcm sama case dgn Yuna masa dia pegang Lobster...

when back n then ada gaduh ada org ni dgn band indie... adeh... mcm2 la...

pastu kita kena balik awal la....

so bergambar la b4 we go

Neo kena balik sbb ada hal.. n me of course ada dinner...

dinner dgn family di KLCC.. actually cousin n mom punya birthday...

enjoyed... n paling lawak me n my doctor fren manage to finish majority of the food.. n org arab ni KUAT MAKAN eh !! sbb portion besar !!!

THANX TO ALL THE BLOGGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: updating sbb nak letak name bloggers yg di situ !!

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