Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just now i was watching a Japanese documentary about Hokkaido and i was impress with their ancient fisherman... they still follow their traditional ways of fishing.. like one fisherman uses long ropes to catch Cod and Giant cod !!!

Japanese Fisherman with their catch of big tunas

what impress me was their government help them giving them money, shelter, GPS and better and safer boats... it is a pity our government are not helping them especially in an economy like now...

A Japanese fisherman with his catch

Safety 1st during fishing !

Japanese fishing market

i meant look at Japan, they helped more towards agriculture and farming... look at their farms being so high tech and safe.. i meant we as a Muslim country bragging about Halal food n growth. Why are we not helping the agriculture and farming industry. How about many government visits to Japan so called to follow their ways and share technology (actually the visit was to say sorry about ... something bad happen there) but not implementing them. Indonesia at least their agriculture and farming industry is growing.

Anyway i pity our Malaysian fisherman.. as u see, u at the houses they live.. small shacks n the go to the sea every week to catch fish for the day. Sometimes it was a jackpot sometimes was a nightmare. AS the journeyed to the sea, their are also gambling their lives. The can either live or die by the sea. Imagine storms, pirates, human error, sharks and etc.. n them using old diesel boats which are over 10 years... how risky their lifes are... sometimes being in the unpredicted ocean, i wonder how they can survive.. imagine no food or clean water to drink if the ship is spoilt.. anything can happen..praying to all fishermans..

A typical Malaysian fisherman

A real poor Malaysian fisherman (Congrats to the daughter for being the best Malaysian student of the year !!)

A real Malaysian Fisherman village

Malaysian Fisherman

Malaysian Fisherman market

Also when they come to shore after a catch, they sell to people.. especially this individual we call them as middlemen. Buy from them with a super cheaper price n sells us HELL EXPENSIVE... i wish they were also given the knowledge and help on how to sell their produce...

i hope the government would help them... pity those poor fisherman...

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  1. Hana setuju ngan topik nie...
    kan baik kalau M'sia tolong para nelayan cam Japan tolong nelayan2 dia..
    maybe hasil tangkapan akn lebih baik + industri perikanan akn lebih mmbngun



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